Purgatori, the Blood Goddess

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August 11th, 2022

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 117
Country: Egypt

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August 03, 2022


08/03/2022 07:17 PM 

Basic Information and Rules

1.  Bio will basically be that of Purgatori from the Chaos Universe.  However, I am going to play her my way.  I may take a few liberties here and there.  Especially if playing in different universes.

2.  I roleplay with anyone and everyone.  No matter the universe.  If I need to go on a f***ing Pokemon quest or something, I'm up for it.

3.  If you roleplay with me, dark themes will most likely happen.  Horror, demonic, and, yes....that....as well.

4.  Orientation.  Romantically, Purgatori is 100% Lesbian.  However, she'll sleep with anything if she thinks it will be beneficial to her aspirations of power.  However, guys, don't expect her to fall for you romantically.

5.  Roleplay Length:  I typically put out what I get.  Shorter roleplays have their place and typically get quicker replies.  Longer stories are fun, but just please be patient with me if writing multiple paragraphs.

6.  Anything goes in my stories if the roleplay makes sense.


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