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September 20th, 2023

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July 30, 2022


08/04/2022 08:22 PM 

House Rules
Category: Guidelines
Current mood:  awake

House Rules so that everyone can have a grand ol' time~

  1. Respect one another, and all will be gravy~
  2. OOC ≠ IC
  3. No random smut or godmodding, power playing, killing each other off (unless that's planned), you know, common RP stuff
  4. I like it drama-free, and would love to keep it that way
  5. Which means if something bothers you, SPEAK UP and lemme know
  6. If something isn't working in our Thread, also, feel free to say so, I'll extend the courtesy
  7. I multi-ship, but only if there's chemistty
  8. I use the tag: Out Of Hell as being OOC 
  9. Please write your posts legibly, it doesn't have to be "perfect" as long as I can read it. Quality over quantity. 
  10. These rules will be changed overtime, I'll notify you when they have


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