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08/04/2022 10:29 PM 

Spread the word Sonic? Aight, bet

Tired of seeing people complain about your ass and not doing anything about it or even naming you despite it being CLEARLY ABOUT YOU. 

Imagine posting this while having an account on RPT with your fetishes on public display.  Given the salt from your status, I'm willing to bet you posted more sh*t calling lesbians dykes but forgot you were on rpt and not ani so you got slapped down for it... probably banned.  You want people to be friendly to you and yet you consitently post statuses sh*t talking and bashing other users on the site and delete your statuses thinking no one would catch them.

Going with the theory of you being banned from rpt, You saying that is hilarious given the stuff you wrote in public with that pregnant Rogue the bat.  

Just because someones a lesbian doesn't make them a sexist scumbag.  For someone who wants friendly writers you sure are a bit of an a**hole to people for no reason, aren't you?  This look familiar to you, huh?  Oh, right... this is YOUR rpt account.  You know, the site you've bashed multiple times?  Funny how the difference between the rpt account and your ani accounts merely one day?
You went from this in may

to this unhinged sh*t  in less than a month.

It's funny how you call people retards, dykes, hypocrites, among other things when you, yourself are displaying things you complain about on a consistent basis.  People have tried to help you in the past and instead of taking their advice, you instead went to deflect and delete their comments.  You make statuses bashing people on the site, but delete the status the instant you get any criticism over it.  Your hypocritical self wants people to be nice and friendly to you, but you clearly want people to be friendly to you while you walk around with an attitude as nice smelling as the average yugioh player.  That's not how things work, you want people to treat you in a friendly manner?  YOU need to do so.  Not bash people because they want you to put effort into your posts and not send just 1-2 sentence posts, not bash someone for their character's sexuality/ identity, not bash someone for how they choose to portray their character's appearance.  There's a reason people cut connections with you.  You act like a d*ckhead and expect people to treat you like you're a friendly and nice person while you do so.  Like you learned from your rpt banned, not everyone will let your bullsh*t slide.  The mods there dealt with your ass for bashing lesbians when lesbians likely took umbrage with your profile and asked you to fix it.  Given how YOU are, you probably called them a dyke and refused thinking nothing was going to happen only to realize you got banned for that bull.  

Since most people on this site are not confrontational and prefer to not say things that could be seen as mean or drama causing, I'll say it.  You're an embarassment to the sonic community, You're a d*ckhead who expects others to be nice to you when you clearly do not deserve it.  You wanna bitch about people preferring to not wanting to deal with an animal like your character in a romantic manner, but bash others for having homosexual characters???  Can you be less of a hypocrite for one second?  You want people to not insult Sonic, but will gladly insult people's characters.  What was your first reaction seeing three lesbian characters join the site?  Oh, you called them sexist dykes...  For someone who says they're "against no one. Not even lesbians", you sure love to call them sexist dykes when you think no ones looking.  Your Tsunade and Rogue story? yeah, that's 🧢

Also TF you mean by this?!
Look in a mirror: How about you look in a mirror long and hard? 

No wonder people call you incel sonic... jfc.


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