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08/05/2022 07:01 PM 

Packing Extra and other account types PSA
Category: Blogging

I made a list of the account types for my friends to be wary of.

• Fake Lesbian Profiles| These accounts are usually run by thirsty men. They will only add women, and they use the lesbian label as a way to skrrt around explaining why they have no men added. A good chunk of them will try to proposition you for gross things. If you are not into this I advise looking out for the signs. A "no men allowed" tag followed by a profile drowned in their sexual preferences should be a dead giveaway.

•One Gender Only Profiles| Can be created by men or women, obviously. With these accounts you will need to exercise caution. While some people who proudly carry this description around can be potentially cool people, there is a wide availability of evidence suggesting that the majority of the problematic members on here will only be interested in adding one singular gender. A direct result, most times, of having rampant insecurities with the same sex.

•Packing Extra Profiles| On the outside it looks like a friendly label to describe that you have a penile monument in your trouser region. However, if you see enough of these accounts you will come to discover that in a lot of ways they mirror 'fake lesbians'. The only difference is that instead of faking it they are just outright saying they have a penis. These accounts will usually be sexual which is why they have grown [giggity] into having such a negative spotlight. If you are an authentic male-to-female individual then I suggest using ANY other label. This one has been ruined by the lonely guy horny brigade.

•Blank Profiles| Be careful adding blank profiles because most of the time they do not bother adding information because they know they are going to be deleted soon. It is a lot like playing russian roulette because if you add enough blank profiles you will start getting people that act like they belong on that Chris Hansen show. And be prepared for the unwanted exposure pics.

•Pedo  Profiles|  If you see a sexual profile talking about wanting to do "taboo things" to people under 18, report them immediately. Do not even humor these sickos with a friendship.

•You know what this is / Gonna steal your girl / Bigger than your man / You know what I am here for~ Profiles|  These are the most infamous predator profiles on Ani.  They are similar to people who have blank profiles but they all use this unique phrasing and they want people to be fooled into interacting with them. These kind of accounts have been deleted so often that they have developed their own secret language hoping people are dumb enough not to realize what they are doing. These accounts only view women as toys. They are extremely mentally ill. 

Hopefully this list I compiled helps you make an educated decision.

**I will mostly likely add on to this blog.


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