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07/25/2022 05:04 PM 

Sonic The Hedgehog OC

Name: Zorea

Nickname: Zor, Little Z, and Rookie

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Trademarks (outfit): White Gloves with golden ring-like accessories, green and white shoes, and a small kerchief on his neck hiding a scar they received from the fight with Infinite. In their quills they have tied one of Sonic's quills onto theirs, it is a reminder of his friendship with Sonic as well as something more power wise

Occupation: Former Resistance fighter (During Sonic Forces Era), Currently providing intel to the new resistance.,

Alignment: Hero

Abilities: A far weaker version of Chaos control, which he needs Shadow or Sonic to perform, Spin Dash, wispon control especially in weapons, enhanced agility and speed, and a mild control on the chaos emeralds (Still needs Shadow or Knuckles to ensure he doesn't explode)

Strengths: Determined, Understanding of one's faults, Kind hearted

Weaknesses: Often too kind that it can lead to trouble (Gullible), too stubborn to listen to orders when they directly go against him.

Weapons: Mostly Wispon-based weapons, however, he has been known to tinker with swords.

Likes: Reading, tinkering with metals and small tech, being around friends, and protecting those who need him

Dislikes: Evil Doers, Infinite (He is his own separated evil), Cold environments, and being lied to.

Hobbies: Painting even though he is not good at it, building devices to help people protect against bad guys

Allies: Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Alexander, Abaddon, Tails, Espio, Blaze.

Enemies: Eggman of course, Infinite, Chaos, and really just about any evil people

Family: Currently really only sees Sonic and his friends as family

Relationship: He has stated no comment at this time

BIO: He started off as a simple boy in a nearby town, he had heard of Sonic and the others, and while he enjoyed the idea of joining them, he really just did not have the time to go out and save the world from Eggman every day. Until Infinite attacked, on that day his friends and family ensured he got out of the town safe and to the Resistance HQ. Which he joined as soon as he got there. (this is still a WIP biography feel free to ask questions as needed)



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