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Dustiera's Backstory Part 1

//Hey, admin here, so I originally was going to post his past all on one blog post but, realized that I have several errors in the later parts I will need to iron out later, so for now I have his past before The barrier's creation and before he jumped down into the Underground. There are trigger warnings for this, TW: Child Maltreatment, and human/monster experiments.//

Dustiera Jace Lightningvael, Born April 22nd 20XX, to Emerald Lightningvael Mage of Resilience and Agathe Felohorn, Monster Leader of The Lightning Battalion was the first publicly known Monster Human Hybrid after countless failures of his father’s experiments. This successful birth thus inspired his father to continue attempting to have more monster human hybrid children once more with Agathe which resulted in Dustiera’s first brother Chance Lightningvael when he was only the age of 6 having just discovered his spilt soul traits, a mixture of kindness and resilience, which caused his father to believe that Agathe had cheated on him during Dustiera’s conception, and thus in a murderous rage dusted Agathe in one hit in front of Dustiera who was holding his baby brother in his arms.

Dustiera continued his magic studies with the kindness mage and Dr. W.D. Gaster, the reasoning came from the King of Monsters Asgore Dreemurr after discovering the fact that Dustiera was a split trait soul, as well as his late mother’s identity being of monster decent. During this time, he suffered from nightmares of that night his mother was killed, this was to the point it was affecting his magic negatively and thus was taken by his caretaker to the Head of the Kindness Mages, a lady by the name of Sirona, whom examined Dustiera as best she could with her knowledge of human healing but could not figure it out stating that it possible that it is either mental or a monster illness and recommended that the caretaker take the child to meet with a monster healer. His caretaker was hesitant at first but decided, that if he was to die, Emerald would have her head on a platter, she knew more about his father’s plan and now fearing that he may die soon, felt compelled to inform him of what his father’s plan was, the plan was simple on paper, but it included using Dustiera’s hybridization to force the monsters to submit to him and weaponize his magic. This was Emerald’s original plan before Chance was born and now he planned to use Dustiera as a scapegoat if his brother and sister ever found out that he had been experimenting with hybrids again.

This broke Dustiera mentally as he ran away from his caretaker, running until he physically couldn’t anymore, he sat beneath a tree and cried, he cried for his mother, he screamed and cursed his father’s name, he cursed his very existence because to him, if he was never born, his mother would still be alive. This was overheard by Queen Toriel and her small guard who were out collecting materials for food and shelter for the night. The queen walked over cautiously unsure if it was a trap set up by the human mages, she noticed the young boy and grew increasingly concerned that someone abandoned him here. She instructed her guard to form a perimeter around her and the child as she sat beside him “My child are you alright?” Dustiera shook his head his entire body shaking badly from the immense information dropped on him not even 30 minutes prior as his soul appeared floating in front of him, this was due to Toriel summoning it to check to ensure he was not injured. His eyes shot open as they took to the color of his soul from their original blue, as he panicked the soul flipped into its monster state as his form shifted to his Goat Monster form. His true HP was now visible as 4/234 as Toriel gasped slightly frowning “Dear child, who hurt you?” She was allowing her motherly instinct to kick in for him as she held him close.

Dustiera cried hard into the queen’s arms as he finally spoke “I-I watched him kill my mother in front of me!” His eyes flared with magical energy as multiple fireballs and light red swords formed floating in the air from his emotional overload. Toriel frowned as she spoke calmly “I- I am so sorry you witnessed such a horrid thing dear child, but fear not. He cannot hurt you while I am here.” The guards had noticed the magic influx and were going to attack him but stopped upon seeing Toriel’s stern gaze. His expression softened as he began breathing properly as he finally lifted his face to look at Toriel who gave him a warm smile “My child, please if you do not mind, I would like to know your name.” Dustiera seemed a bit scared to speak for a moment, as he was instructed by Emerald to never disclose his name to anyone but felt that this kind monster did not have any ill intentions or she would have killed him already as his magic dispelled “Du-Dustiera, Dustiera Lightningvael, ma’am. Son of the Resilience Mage and the la-late Captain of the Lightning Battalion… Agathe Felohorn”.

Toriel nodded now knowing who he was from some of the notes she had seen Asgore reading from Dr. Gaster as she spoke “I see, well you may call me Toriel, Toriel Dreemurr.” Dustiera blinked a few times before realizing who she was as he teared up again “I-I am so sorry Lady Toriel, I did not mean to trouble you with my problems!” He stood up bowing to her concerned that his caretaker would be looking for him he spoke rather quickly “I-I must go, my caretaker is most likely looking for me, as we were to head to a nearby monster village to see a healer.” Toriel nodded as she stood looking at one of her scouts who spoke calmly “Dustiera, your caretaker is nearby, it would be safer if we help you both to the nearby village as the path there is filled with monsters and humans who have betrayed both sides.”

Dustiera began shaking again as his eyes glowed softly as he nodded “A-Alright, I suppose that could work.” Toriel smiled softly but was also stern “And I will have a discussion with your caretaker about your Hope Points being so low.” As Toriel and her guards led Dustiera to the caretaker who was frantically searching for him. Toriel led the party keeping Dustiera close to her as the caretaker saw her and drew a sword “Give me back my charge you despicable monsters, I won’t hesita-“ she was cut off by Dustiera, who was still fueled by his emotional outburst from earlier summoned a light red sword stepping in front of Toriel “I-I won’t let you hurt them!” Toriel hid the small smile that appeared on her face, glad that her words helped the young child. However, the caretaker was having none of this as she used her sword to knock Dustiera’s from his hands before slapping him hard. He winced his eyes going wide as his HP dropped to 1 before shaking badly as Toriel stepped in front of him ensuring her guards kept him from seeing what she did as the eldest of the guards, an older fish knelt down covering Dustiera’s ears as Toriel took care of the lady, Toriel did this not for the war but to protect the child, who was now severely injured and close to death. The guards and Toriel took Dustiera away from the area as Toriel tended to his wounds as best she could manage to heal the 3 HP damage the caretaker had done but could not heal him to full.


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