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09/20/2022 10:34 PM 

Guess I should have some damned rules

OK well to prevent undue sh*t f***ery... Here's some very basic rules!

1. Adult themes with this character. Literally drugs, alcohol, smoking, history of abuse, language, and explicit themes.
2. Don't f***ing rush me. Im ok with a gentle reminder like once a week because I get busy and can forget, but sending a reminder/ second correspondence in under a day will get you a special message of me telling you off.
3. Despite being a substance abusing stripper prostitute bunny... If by some chance you get Mochii to fall for your character and they begin a relationship. I am strictly monoship, I expect the same from you.
3.1. If you're a multiship person I'm ok with our RP having such themes as romance and the like, but know that so long as you're multiship you ain't gonna get a true relationship with Mochii.
3.2. As one may guess, if I have an adult or romantic RP going and Mochii does get into a relationship... Unless his partners writer expresses direct concent to let those keep happening, they end effective immediately.
4. ALL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS ARE RP ONLY! Outside of RP i will happy to be a bestie and even have playful and flirty conversation. That is honestly normal to me, but know that the relationship is strictly RP ONLY.
5. I'm selective with my discord. I'm too lazy to make one for just RP related stuff, so you can ask for it but no guarantee you'll get it.
6. Ask questions to get answers. Donno why it seems people are afraid of asking questions, but trust me it's ok to ask.
7. I f***ing adore status banter. You see something, respond, because I will likely respond and keep that going.


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