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At the end of the street, a young female in her mid-twenties stood waiting for a friend to go out to eat in town. It had been a long time since she had seen this friend and wanted to have a good time hanging out with her for a long time. The village was good to her once she had migrated from Hanabiragakure no Satou to Konohagakure no Satou. She was transferring because her family was attacked by enemy shinobi and she was put with Konohagakure where she has protection around the clock where her father's enemies were coming after her now that she was gone. 

In the middle of the week, Akira was happy to get out of the house and spend time with normal people and not doctors and therapists about what happened to her that night. She hadn't spoken for over two months after her alleged attack. She was silent for being so paranoid about the situation  - she was born into, however, it didn't mean that she had to bring others into it and not have real horror in her life like the boogie man or something. She was trying not to think of it as she always did with having therapy and taking medication. She was somewhat irritated with thinking about it and somewhat hated that she had to do it to stay mellow and sane enough to think straight.

She waited for a few moments more and in the distance of the gates of Konohagakure for her friend to return from her mission to welcome her back from where she had been for her mission. She wanted to know how it went and to help her document the mission with the Hokage. She was somewhat hungry as well; maybe they could go get something to eat after they got the paperwork done and sometime soon they could do something within the village. She was looking forward to her friend coming home and was excited that today was the day that she was home at last. "Welcome home!" she said and waved to her. "It's a nice day why don't we take a walk along the river!"


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