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11/22/2022 08:42 PM 

muse playlist.

margo - the other side
{ They say I'm the devil
So I painted my heart black
I kinda like the danger (I kinda like the danger)
So I'm never turning back

kyle stibbs - die for me
{ Die for me
You would do it slowly
Do it painfully and drawn out over years
Vanish your potential, I'm not feeling sentimental
You died for me
Hold the tears

nick lutsko - sometimes
{ Sometimes you gotta finish what you shouldn't have startedSometimes you gotta shoot before you see the targetSometimes Daddy's gonna say, "You're not worth the price to pay"Sometimes the tunnel only leads to darkness }

wintersleep - orca
{ I'll be a tidal wave when I grow up
Crashing on harbours
I'll be a temperamental element
A raging water
I'll be a perfect storm swallowing over
I'll be a killer whale when I grow up
I'll be a monster

jharia - bad luck
{ And I would do it againI'm not sorry but thank youFor enduring meAs long as you didThat's more than I'd ever ask of you }

blue kid - the dismemberment song
{ So don't you squirmDon't you fretI'm not going to hurt you, yet!
I just feel the need to be gettin' a little of youA lot of blood lettingI know the sensation you're probably dreadingFor cutting you up will be so refreshing for me!

whitey - let's fake love 
{ Yeah, you can own me
Knock me to my knees
But don't fake love with me, unless you mean it
Don't fake love with me, unless you mean it

whitfield fahrenheit - this old house 
this old house has been around for years
seen its share of grief and tears
the backs of dead men make a poor foundation
and there's plenty of the dead around here

skittish - love lies bleeding 
{ You haunt this little heart
Tear my world apart
Love lies bleeding, not too late to make that season,
Not too late to keep that feeling
The days are gone, they’re gone


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