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11/23/2022 01:39 PM 


Rather than rules, I went for guidelines, but the effect is the same.

1 - Please don't God Mod. I know Sesshomaru is a popular character, and a lot of people have a strong idea of how he 'should' be written. Allow me to do this my way.

2 - I write multi ship. I enjoy writing romance but it needs to be within a story.

3 - I do like random starters, so long as they are a para+, nothing bores me more than a one line story.

4 - I am busy in real life. Please, please, please do not send me multiple messages to see what I am doing. I work hard and I am here as often as this allows. Sometimes, I just get tired and want to sleep, not be pestered. That said, if I have not logged in for a few days, please feel free to check in - just not every hour!

5 - RP =/= RL. Please do not confuse the two.


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Nov 23rd 2022 - 7:58 PM

Where is the like button!? Darn guess I have to post something instead. Just imagine me not spamming a like button but calmly pressing it once to show that I contain how much I approve of these guidelines lol

I agree, a like button in here would be so much easier!!
by Sesshomaru, Nov 24th 2022 - 7:52 AM

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