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Bleach Character Sheet

Name: Souunkatsu Wataku

Nickname: Souun

Title/Rank/: Former Captain

Species (Soul, Human, etc): Visored

Squad (if one): Formerly 10

Clan/Family: Wataku

Age:  Similar age as Kaien.

Date of Birth: October 10th

Gender: Male

Calm and often quiet.  However when he was a Captain he was a respected leader and took his position seriously.  He is also very loyal to his family as he planned on having his twin sister Suisei and his younger brother transfer to his squad.  As a visored, he often wants to keep to himself, but will only answer a favor from Urahara Kisuke.  Despite him being an exile, he holds no ill will against the Soul Society and thus remain loyal to them.  His loyalty and deep understanding of why he is exiled made him untrustworthy to some of the other visoreds.

He likes the color of indigo and deep purple.  He also likes peaches and his favorite animal is the white tiger.  
He dislikes pumpkin and any dairy product.

Physical Traits: Primary trait is his Albinism.  Long white straight hair and pale blue eyes that will sometimes appear red in light angles.  Milky pale skin.

Height: 6'2

Body Type: Average and slightly muscular.

Often in soul form, he wears his shihakusho and his shaw over it.  He only uses his gigai to get food and other necessities for his home.  However he is seen as a tall somewhat muscular albino man with long white hair and pale blue eyes.

Other important Info: 
Nobody except a few shinigami and the other visoreds are aware of his existence.  The select few that knew of him are Yamamoto, Shunsui, Ukitake and his sister Suisei and his brother Katsumaru.  He will often stay out of the way of other shinigami.

Affiliation (Arrancar, Gotei 13, etc.): Solo Exile, Still loyal to the Gotei 13.

Preferred Fighting Style:  He prefers using kido or his sealed zanpakuto.  Only resorting to use his shikai on stronger foes.

Shikai (if one):
Ninbasutaiga - Nimbus Tiger
Attract and Repel
Shikai Ability - Magnetism
In sealed state, it is a katana with a slight wide blade.  The blade steel is slightly denser and heavier then normal.  It also has the tendency to cling to metal objects as it is slightly magnetic.  But no more stronger then a regular magnet.  Which maybe useful to disarm his opponent's attack.  The scabbard is white, hilt is royal purple and the pummel, tsuka and tsuba are brass.  The tsuba takes a slight swirl shape with the pattern of yin and yang.

In released state the sword turns into a nagamaki with the tsuba taking a slight U shape with the ends pointing at the blade tip.  It only covers the base of the blade and tsuka.  The hilt or pole of the nagamaki has a royal purple weave.  With Souunkatsu about 6'2 in height.  The Nagamaki length stands up to his shoulders.  The blade is sligtly dense and heavy as the katana form is.
The main ability of the shikai is magnetism.  It is strong enough to pull the weapons of normal shinigami out of their hands and cling onto the blade of the nagamaki.  As a former captain of squad 10, he often used this shikai to disarm criminal shinigami to be apprehended.

Jikidenka - Magnetic Charge - A projectile attack where he gathers energy within the nagamaki and slings it.  The projectile once it hits will feel quite heavy and dense.  Capable of going through whatever it hits like a bullet.  The attack happens very quickly and often leaves very little room to evade.

Bankai (if one): 
Bankai - Shiroi Ninbasutaiga, Kuroi Chikyudoragon - White Nimbus Tiger, Black Earth Dragon
Bankai metaphor - Equilibrium of Yin and Yang.

The nagamaki becomes slightly larger and gains a second blade at the other end.  It appears identical to the first blade.  Except the U on the other points inward.  Both blades are highly magnetic.  The magnetic field on the weapon is connected as one blade is north and the other south poles.  With the bankai state he can attract any metal objects torwards himself that are within the magnetic field.  He can also magnetically charge the metal objects into magnets themselves and hurl them back out with the repel ability. 
Another part of the bankai is that a huge magnetic field surrounds Souunkatsu.  Which he can pull anything made of metal torwards him.  Make it magnetic and sling it back.  
He also has the ability to repel most kido or cero based attacks with the nagamaki's magnetic field.  The field is also capable of repelling radiation.
As with the shikai, the zanpakuto is still able to disarm metal weapons from their wielders.

Ninbasutaigasutomu - Nimbus Tiger Storm

He can spin his nagamaki in high velocity which soon to generate electricity and create a magnetic storm.  He uses this and the magnetic push to sling the electric bolt.  He can repeat this to send out a rain of electric bolts.  The rain of bolts are enough to devestate anyone it hits.

Ororasutoraiki - Aurora Borealis Strike

Another powerful attack from the bankai.  To initiate it requires some build up overtime.  The amount of radioactive energy stored within the magnetic field gather within the tips of the blades of the zanpakuto or the pummel if they are pulled apart.  All the electricity he absorbs, the sunlight, radiation, lightning and even some spiritual pressure from kido or ceros all channel and store into the zanpakuto.  Before he sends it out it starts to charge at the tip of the blade he is going to launch it from.  This would take the color of pink or green or sometimes both.  Then he launches it at his opponent.  The energy sprays outward what looks like a colorful lightshow.  The attack can be much more powerful then a cero upon impact.  If it hits his opponent or objects.  It will explode or cause significant damage.

Tetsuame - Iron Rain - When in effect he can transform any metal objects that are attracted to the magnetic storm.  The metal is magnetized and transformed into sharp shards which can be rained upon his opponent.  Due to the force of the magnetic repelling.  The metal shards drop quite rapidly.

Akaihihoo  Aoimizukame - Red Fire Phoenix. Blue Water Tortoise.  
Second phase of the bankai.  The zanpakuto changes again.  He gains a right shoulder plate and gauntlet.  Two more auguments appear on the Zanpakuto in red and blue color each.  The auguments increase his defense and also the magnetic power.  Developing a secondary magnetic field, much closer to his body then the original one from his bankai.  It is a highly dangerous phase of the bankai as it attracts metal at the atomic level and any form of electric or radioactive particle.  Capable of ripping any dissolved metal from someone's blood or out of the soil.  Turning his zanpakuto into a magnetar.  It's a last resort phase of the bankai due to how destructive it can be to his surroundings.  Capable of syphoning every atomic level of metal in the surroundings the bankai could cover.  

Negative outcomes of his Bankai is that if he were to release it in town or city, the bankai will cause a blackout as the magnetism will syphon all the electricity and power from the powerlines, warp electronics and shut down vehicles.  The second phase is a last resort phase.  It's highly dangerous to electrical objects and can also pull metal out of someone's blood.  It is capable of destroying structures that have metal inside them.  These effects are enhanced if he donned his mask.

Drawbacks of the Bankai is that it is highly offensive and leaves little room for physical defense.  The magnetic nagamaki will sometimes work as a method of defense.  Another is if a shinigami or arrancar fire a kido spell or cero inside the magnetic field range.  The field will not repel it.  It can only repel it if they were to fire it from a distance.  Same goes with many reishi based attacks.  If the opponent gets inside of the magnetic field and use their reishi based attacks, it will leave Souunkatsu vulnerable.

The zanpakuto is also based on the metal element and thus if there is no metal around, many features of the bankai would be limited.  But he still can create magnetic storms which can be devestating on their own.

-- Background --

Parents & Relatives: 4th Seat of Squad 3 Suisei Wataku (His twin sister.)  4th Seat of Squad 13 Katsumaru Wataku (Younger brother)

Relationship: He has a past association with Kaien Shiba and Ginrei Kuchiki.  He was an Academy partner of Kaien Shiba.  When he graduated he was placed in Squad 6 as the 3rd Seat where he worked as a bodyguard for the Kuchiki clan. 

He was born in the 4th District of Rukongai.  The first born of his family.  When he was young his reiatsu grew quick.  At age of thirteen he was able to join the Shino Academy where he met Kaien Shiba whom he often trained with.  Because that they both were at the top of their class. They were often used as prime examples for other students to mirror.  This brought a lot of attention to many captains to him.  
He would immediately be placed in Squad 6 after his graduation as 3rd Seat and a bodyguard for the Kuchiki Clan.  He used any free time he had to hone in his skills.  Like the tiger which was a symbol of power and strength which represents him well, his power levels grew within a short time.  He was able to achieve Bankai.  
Eventually he was recommended by Ginrei Kuchiki to become captain.  As a Captain he was given a mission to bring a select few shinigami and head to the World of the Living.  He would arrive in the city of Nagasaki.  There he would witness the destruction human kind could do to another.  He would use his bankai to protect his party from the radiation that came with the destruction.  He spent many days cleansing souls and killing hollows.
He would also defeat a powerful demon named Hirokaru.  But not without injuries.  The demon manage to use his chaotic energy to destroy the seal of his soul chain.  When he returned to the Soul Society.  He mysteriously felt ill and he undergone hollowfication.  A few shinigami who cared about him had helped him escape to the World of the Living.
In the World of the Living, he was discovered by Urahara Kisuke who would try to help him to take control of his visored abilities.  After Urahara's help, he would wander off in the outskirts of Karakura Town into a bamboo forest where he finds an old Omniyouji Temple which he makes as his new home.

Souunkatsu's Home


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