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Part II

II - Echos of a farmer - II

* * * * * * *

The attempt to find inner peace through self-reflection, training, and meditation is universal. A myriad of religions, cultures, and species across countless planets perform variants of these same principles to achieve some sort of enlightenment or peace. One particular species has grasped at this particular way of life and never let it go, even in the face of so much death and devastation. The peaceful people of Namek. These green humanoids choose to go about their days farming, meditating, reading, and living peace-filled lives. They focus on self-reflection, meditation, and propagation of their kind after a great calamity befell the world centuries prior. They've suffered immensely, but this didn't stop them from trying to live worthy lives. The seven small Nameks sat in a semi-circle around the much larger Namek adult, the visitor from the night before; Lord Sax, or so the children call him.

All the Nameks mimicked the others, sitting with legs crossed sitting on the ground, their backs erect, and hands clasped together in their own unique ways. Some form individual hand-seals or their fingers were interwoven. All eyes closed and all were in silence as they performed their meditations. The big one, however, levitated above the young ones. Below them all the very ground they sat levitated too. The elder Namek was subconsciously lifting tons of stone several feet into the air, just above the crater of the platform's creation. His knuckles connected as his form remained as still as a mountain aside from his chest, as deep breaths filled his lungs, though he was silent to the average listener. He always relived his past during meditations, a past filled with sin, for a rather kind individual.

Memories crept from the deep crevices of his mind like an animal clawing its way out of a hole, clambering for the light. Purple liquid splattering and painting the landscapes of azure grasslands, and mounds of carcasses creating a grotesque portrait of what he believed at the time was love. A love that's so twisted for his people that he deluded himself into believing a cleansing of those who were considered 'weak' would offer the Namek a stronger populace. A populace strong enough and prepared for things worse than this, a people though regularly peaceful, at the drop of a stone would have a war readiness that could make any galactic-spanning empire green with envy.

Even with Sax's darker aspects severed from him, formed into a completely separate consciousness and sealed away gave him a false belief that this will help make him good - was all a fruitless naive lie. The fusion of the two halves once known as Rimashidae - the mad winnower of old Namek, was a Super Namek born with a darker nature compared to his kind and gentle dragon-caste farmer father who showed him only love, understanding and compassion. Sax met those paternal qualities with a hole placed in his father's head and countless Namekians with low battle powers lost to his zealous desire to better his brethren.

His breathing elevated slightly at the end of the memory, reliving his past always made his shoulders and neck, the region where the purple tattoo wrapped, burn and ache. Though, even in such a deep meditation, he could hear the sounds of the rushing clear fresh waters, the soft whistle of the crisp breeze that gave all of the Namekians' clothing a nice bit of motion. The Nameks' eyes opened and drank in the present. The seven small members of his species imitate the best parts of their mentor and progressing well in their foundational instruction. A bit of pride filled him that, an oily black ooze of a voice rippled through his mind, his eyes hallucinating a near mirror image of himself standing just behind the seven younglings. Though the doppelganger appeared spindly, and emaciated, with long claws and antennae.

The two halves peered deeply at each other, an endless pool of disdain and shame from the antagonistic mirror. Sax's gaze drank in the visage of his other half, the image of what he looked like in his youth. He felt the sensation to vomit, but it quickly vanished. "
This is how you choose to live your days? Training weaklings and children instead of wiping the slate clean and restarting anew? This is our chance to make something out of our species you naive fool." The inky darkness silhouette scoffed and spat vehemently before continuing; "Your insolence is insufferable, Rimashidae.

Your nothing more than a sad aspect of me that I allow to live. To show the old me that I can follow fathers loving teachings." Sax retorted, then spat in response soon after;

Its Sax. Stop calling me that name." The oily mirror scoffed at the correction, a wide grin forming on the visage soon after followed by a low chorttle;

Our goal remains the same, though your methods are... slower." The mirror retorted.

My methods propogate life. Yours destroys." He riposte.

You must destroy before you can create." The mirror countered. A silence fell over Sax, this wasn't some revealation, it was a commonality of the universe, but he didn't have to force this on this newer generation of Namekians. He desired better than what the old him would have done. A grimace formed on his face, his eyebrows narrowing in agitation. He continued; "It's over. Those sin stain my soul, I strive to be better. You exist because I allow it. Once I learn of a way to severe this life-link... I'll be free of you."


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