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January 21, 2023


01/21/2023 06:17 PM 

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Allow me to introduce myself! I've been in the RP game since '09 and have been on several platforms throughout the years. I'm currently para, multi-para, & novella. I'm 29 7 work 12 hr, night shift so I'm mostly sleeping during the day, but active at night. I'm happy to be getting back in touch with an outlet that allows me to express my creative love for writing & I hope we can write together! Below are a few guidelines I'd like everyone to adhere by so that our interactions can run smoothly and friendships can be made! 

  1. I will not RP with minors. 
  2. Some NSFW themes may occur, if you have any triggers please tell me upfront; my only triggers are rape (therefore I will not entertain it  or roleplay it) . 
  3. You do not have to match my length, but I will not respond to one-liners unless it's banter. If I write a lengthy reply or give you a lengthy starter, I require at least three paragraphs in response so I have something to work with. 
  4. I'm multi-ship, though chemistry is a must. Please don't add me if your end goal is to just bang shinsou, it's not going to happen. 
  5. As stated before, I work 12 hr shifts & currently my schedule is 6:45 pm to 7 am. Please do not badger me for replies. I will get to them when I can & when I'm able. 
  6. Roleplay does not equal real life.
  7. No Drama. 
  8. I am open to Roleplay anything! I don't mind winging it or if you'd prefer to discuss plotlines, I'm open to that too! Just drop me a message. 


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