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Maiyumi's History
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Born to Takashi and Sayaka Senju , Maiyumi is a quirky young woman from Konohagakure. Her main home village is Konohagakure where she was born. She learned to become independant here, and started her ninja training at the age of 12 and started training under a man named Yamako. Yamako personally trained Maiyumi as well as training in the academy in Konohagakure so she was well on her way to becoming the top shinobi in her class. She is in the class after the rookie 9 and into the Boruto era but is overlooked by a lot of the students because of how small and soft-spoken she was. However, she showed her power when she was asked to demonstrate her abilities to become a shinobi when they were in the testing room for possible attributes to future shinobi of the new era. 

Maiyumi's father seemed stoic and uncaring of how Maiyumi felt about being a shinobi and gave her little to no choice in becoming a shinobi causing her to resent him and forming a rift between the two and causing Maiyumi to rebel cutting classes and causing trouble in the villlage and Naruto having to catch up with her as she causes trouble in the village. Maiyumi's mother dies on a mission and after the death of her mother , Takashi trained Maiyumi harder than before like he was preparing her for war and she was a warrior and didn't realize she was only a young teenage girl who wanted to do "normal" teenage things like the other students were doing. 

When she was invited to the movies after she went home, Takashi coldly told one of the class mates that Maiyumi was busy studying and honing her skills and she did not have time for trivial social lives like the other students in the class did. Then he harshly slammed the door int heir face. Maiyumi developed an inferiority complex as someone who would always seek approval even if it wasn't from her father even though psychologically it would eventually been her father's approval she wanted more than anything. 

She would want to please everyone around her in fear they would judge her about her abilities for shinobi training and working out. She spent her entire life doing what her father wanted and some time ago she started doing whatever she wanted such as coming home late, and going out with other students and partying and getting into trouble.

She did not have any interest in becoming a shinobi and eventually defected Konohagakure. One person who seemed to care about Maiyumi was named Jun Inuzuka was worried about the path she was going down so he followed her when she was about to leave the village for Yugakure no Satou where she could "start over" and become someone she could become someone others "respected" and "appreciated."

Jun tried to reason with her that she was appreciated more than she knew but he failed in bringing her back home. It is very similar to Sasuke and Naruto, but Maiyumi doesn't go to someone in the search for power or revenge, she just leaves of her own will trying to find her way in life and trying to find her purpose rather than just training and trying to "improve" her status in her father's eyes.

She meets a man who called himself Orochimaru who was struggling with his health and with Maiyumi's connection with the Uzumaki clan, she used her "Chakra Healing." technique to heal him (the technique in which one person bites down on her flesh and "sucks" the chakra from her body, draining her, and gaining more life force or chakra.") After this he thanks her and gives her a smile and calls her "beautiful kunoichi." and she decides to follow him to the nearest village which is Yugagakure no Satou, and make sure she is okay.

Eventually she undergoes his training and starts gaining more strength and confidence in herself while on her own and not a timid young girl anymore, and so she continued training until she was able to compete in the chunin exams over in Konohagakure where she would leave Orochimaru for a bit and return as she got her chunin level status. She was starting to think she was more connected and appreciated toward Orochimaru and somewhat enjoyed living there so she decided to permanently stay there. She would never return to Konohagakure after that and move on. 

Maiyumi's time spent away from the village gave her the courage to "speak up" and become an independant portrayal of her personality. She confidently show appreciation of her life and her training despite how difficult her life was before after her mother died, and her father's harsh training and words towards her. She learned she could survive and was determined to send her message of living life in peace over war and not war over peace. She decided to follow Hashirama's vision for the world and wanted to do right with it.


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