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February 6th, 2023

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Gender: Female

Age: 117
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January 22, 2023


01/23/2023 09:42 PM 

mayleen info

name Mayleen madaline fangston 
age unknown looks to be a teenager but is older then 34 
 hair long wavy pink 
eyes pink 
 personality kind caring loving romantic perverted cunning sly tends to lie to people to fool them sucabus craving with sexural stuff tends to grope people to feed off them  so is a big time pervert rude blunt honest 

status widow 
kids 10000,00000
mates _0 
orenation Bi pansexural 
horns purple 
pink hair purple ears or tails or horns 
wings purple 
eyes pink white purple 
charater colors pink purple white burgany 
favorite drink strawberry milk 
favorite ice cream mint  bubble gum 
favorite soda root beer dr. pepper sprite 
favroite foods western stew roast ect BBQ 
least favorite foods liver and onions puke !!!!

will take in children if needed a home !!! just ask 

 more details will come soon on her powers ect 


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