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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 28
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January 21, 2023


01/25/2023 01:32 PM 

Character Details


Name: Alva Hayashi
Nicknames: Bunny, Pretty Boy, Babydoll

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birth Date: July 18th, 2000
Birth Place: Austin, Texas.
Currently Living In: Transient
Species: Dhampir 
Ethnicity / Race: Japanese/American 
Citizenship: Dual citizenship 
Religion / Beliefs: Agnostic 
Orientation: Bi/Submissive
Astrology Sign: Cancer
Chinese Animal / Zodiac Year: Dragon
Blood Type: B positive
Occupation: Bartender/Assassin



Height: 5'10
Weight: 174
Frame / Build: Hourglass/Feminine 
Hair length: Medium
Hair color: Violet
Eye color: Purple
Complexion: Pale
Voice type: Light/Effeminate 
Foot size: 8.5



Favorite Food(s): Tex-Mex, Italian and American
Favorite Sport(s): Swimming, Volleyball 
Favorite Book(s): All Quiet on the Western Front
Favorite Show(s): Courage the Cowardly Dog 
Favorite Music: Synth, Techno and J-Pop
Favorite Color(s): Violet, Purple, Pink, Baby Blue and Neon Green
Clothing Style / Preferences: Varies. Leans toward feminine, form fitting attire.
Hobbies: Old School Videogames, Swimming, Cosplay, Cosmetology and Twitch Streaming
Role Model(s): N/A
Dislikes: Smugness, Poshness and arrogant attitudes.



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