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01/30/2023 05:42 PM 


Subject to deletion if these simple things are not followed. 
  • I'm not here for smutt. You give me a starter that is just smut leading, I will ignore it. 
  • Nothing shorter than a paragraph. Semi's are rarely acceptable depending on the situation; one liners never. 
  • Do NOT rush me. I have a life outside of here and this will always come secondary. If I haven't replied in a while then perhaps you should check to see if you did something on this list. If not, then I've hit a brain block and am waiting for it to leave so I can respond. 
  • Do NOT control my character. This includes, but not limited to, telling me what happened in my characters past. What my character is thinking. How my character reacts to things, this is something I choose, not you. 
  • I will absolutely NOT become a cock/cum addict. That sh*t's f***ing weird to me and so I won't be doing it. 
  • No foot fetish's
  • No baby fetish's
  • Do NOT ask me to change anything about my character. She's mine and if you want something changed perhaps you shouldn't be rping with me in the first place. 
  • Do NOT ask me to make a character for you. If I wanted to make that character I would've. 
  • No Godmoding if we end up having some scuffles. I will not kill your character and I expect the same respect towards mine. 
  • No Vore
  • No Waterplay(urine), Crap, Vomit, or any other unecessary bowel movement that may occur. 
  • Do NOT ask for Kinks. Learn about them through rp since I'm not here for smutt. If you ask I'll direct you to this blog. Our rp shouldn't be based off of kinks. It should be based off of story. 
  • Have some understanding of grammar. I'm not going to freak about mispellings or if english isn't your first language. That said if I need a decoder to figure out what your reply is I'll ignore it. Also, if you're using a run on sentence that takes up the entire paragraph or more I will ignore it. I just mentally can't 

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Jan 30th 2023 - 8:23 PM

;These rules are easy enough to follow, wolfy. 
Also, they're hilarious to read lol;

Not A Lap Dog
;Glad I could give a mighty God a mighty laugh.

by Not A Lap Dog, Jan 30th 2023 - 8:25 PM

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