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01/31/2023 03:22 PM 

>> guidelines. {read before}
Category: Guidelines

not strict with these honestly & i'm sorry if they come off rude etc.
it's not the intention, really. i just like to get straight to the point. 

001. --- i'm just going to say this straight up first, if you already have a main hawks,
please don't add me. i'm here to write not just to be dumped when a new shiny one appears.
it actually kind of stings to think you might have a discussion and boom, vanish. 
just as i won't dump people either; it's not nice. it actually sucks.
plus if you want to write, then let's write. if not... i guess you'll have to fly away. 
crappy pun but not sorry.

002. ---- patience is your best friend. playing hawks can be a busy task. 
he's a popular character and roleplay isn't an exception.
i can get busy ooc sometimes; just try to be patient with me?
if you're going to be annoyed that i take a few days to a week to reply... i don't know what to tell you.

003. --- for those that don't know hawks;
character is a snarky, flirty and a cocky mess. he will flirt and he will be sarcastic. 
you've been warned. and those who do; heyo, what's up?
i play him canon to both the anime and manga.

004. --- ships & mains.
i won't go into too much detail but i'm not here to ship.
really not but if it happens, it happens right? mains are of course, always wanted. 
i don't do the whole 'i have a main, let's exclude others' just as i said above in point one, 
let's just be nice to each other and get on like wings on fire... too soon? too soon. 

005. --- writing / storylines.
i'll write with everyone and everything. regardless of who it is. 
"but i'm a non canon / oc, can i add you?" 
it's the question i ask myself as having an oc too, it's daunting, but yes, absolutely you can! 
some things i might write may have trigger warnings but that's attached to drabbles before. 
i'm not the grammar police; as long as you can keep a storyline going, that's more than perfect for me.

006. --- not really a rule as such but graphics are mine unless stated.
i make most of my stuff from scratch. 
it's been a hobby / job of mine for about ten years on and off. 

007. --- another point that's not a rule is i will sh*tpost.
pictures, music & all round character study's because it's fun.
same with headcanons, they're not serious but just for fun.


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