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Thanks for the add and welcome to my profile! In this section I guess you'll learn a bit about me? Not that great at writing about myself but I'll try. I'm a twenty something year old writer from the United Kingdom. I love writing, have been writing for about ten years plus. I lost track really. Started on Bebo (if you remember this, then you're as old as me haha) and once Bebo shut down, moved to Facebook. Was constantly deleted due to being reported as a roleplayer. Thankfully, I found sites like roleplayer and aniroleplay, so I've been writing on here and there ever since.

After taking a little hiatus, I'm back with a new character for the verse. Everyone's writing is so good and I must admit, I'm a little intimidated aha - I'm a critical c**t when it comes to my writing. Anyway, apart from writing, I love playing games. My favourites at the moment are Dead by Daylight and Fortnite. Also a funko pop addict - 66 at the moment and counting.

In my spare time I do graphic design / editing on Photoshop. Been doing it for a good few years and I love making stuff for people - feel free to ask if you need help with stuff or just edits, I don't mind.

rules & faq's.


not strict with these but please, read them? thanks.

OOC ---
won't say this is a rule but hello! thanks for the add or accepting. just a twenty something from the uk who happens to like bnha / mha. i may have binged it within two months; it's my first anime. yes, i'm new. i'm also a bit of a hawks simp. i collect hawks stuff. friendly ooc, so feel free to chat to me! muse & mun are 21+. discord friendly also; ask for it if you want it.

Patience ---
patience please, i have another account which is a canon. sometimes commitments in real life make it so i can't get on everyday. same with muse, my muse can be dependant on health. not going to mention it until i get closer with people, it's not important.

Character ---
my character is an original character based in the bnha / mha verse. the daughter of a sidekick called 'Tenshi' who works at the fatgum agency, who has a pair of angel wings. ouna inherited the angel wings with a few improvements to the quirk. i can play her as all ages; makes it easier for roleplays. just like deku, ouna has an idol; hawks. saw him as a kid and got inspired due to feeling a certain way about her quirk.

Edits / Graphics --- i made everything on the page unless stated. i use barbara gordon & black canary from dc comics for my character. i also use a manga generator for my edits so she fits in more with the verse.

Ships --- i'm open to most ships, honestly. character is very open. i have my dream ship but i doubt that will ever happen. i don't mind discussing potential ships however.

Storylines --- i'll write pretty much everything. just a word of warning: characters backstory kind of speaks of trauma and a bit of neglect.

Writing --- i prefer to discuss storylines beforehand, it's easier for both. whilst i prefer to write para - multi para, i'm adaptable to everyone's needs. i don't care if grammar isn't you strong suit, as long as you can keep a storyline going, that's perfect for me!

❝ ᴅᴏᴡɴғᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ.

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♡ --- drabble; this is your sign. {pt1}

this is your sign; part one.


major trigger warning; descriptions of children being hurt. i repeat. do not read if you are sensitive to this. you've been warned.

The Seimura household was quiet. Unusually quiet. That was all until /he/ came home. The Seimura children weren't unlike other children to outsiders. But behind closed doors, it could only be described as a living nightmare. The front door swung open with such force it almost came off the hinges it was attached to. All three children watched in a line as he stormed through that door. The fear hit them like a brick and their faces dropped seeing the sheer rage in his face. They knew what was going to happen, just didn't know who would be the one getting his anger taken out on today. Most of the time Ouna would be the one getting dragged from the living room by the wings and into another part of the house. Not acknowledging his children at the moment, he knew. He knew their mother didn't stick to his stupid rules and that only fuelled his anger. "I told you aiko... why aren't their wings strapped down?!" Aiko didn't know what to say, not like her husband would answer her either. "They're-, they're not outside. I- I didn't think it was a problem..." Aiko's voice trailed off into a mouse like squeak. Just as powerless as her three children. Knowing full well if she even as much debated what he was doing, she'd get it even worse. Yukio's stubborn gaze went straight to one of Ouna's brothers. Without word of warning, her father grabbed him by the arm and dragged him off into another room. His face fell and his eyes widened in absolute fear knowing what was happening. Not once did he struggle. Was no use in it. He'd get him again even worse than what he was planning in that sick mind of his. Leaving both Ouna and her other younger brother to watch in horror at the terror on his face. Useless, is the only word Ouna would ever describe her mother as. Never once did she ever stand up to the husband that was hurting her children although, Ouna had a slight sympathy since it was a marriage that should have never happened. Another one of those idiotic quirk marriages but as a child, she didn't get it. Never would until older.


Every bang, smack and every cry made Ouna's chest tighten and her wings ruffled thinking it should have been her and not one of her little brothers behind that door. Just as her father was angry, it was starting to rub off on her too. Somewhere deep down it made her want to rip the door off the hinges just to save him. Somehow without even thinking of it, that's exactly what she did. Running in there, she saw her little brother on the floor in a heap. It wouldn't take a lot to make him collapse like that, just at the age of five, he had seen and known far too much too soon. Yukio's fist was just ready to give the last blow before Ouna stood in front and grabbed his arm. "It was me! i told them to take the binds off, I can't stand it anymore!" She screamed in between bated breaths. She lied, of course she lied. She'd lie, cheat and steal to save both of them from anymore harm. "I-i'm sorry," she cried before tears dripped from her pale complexion and onto the floor. Yukio didn't care to hear what his daughter was talking about. Whilst still hanging onto his arm, he swung her across the room and she fell backwards into a cabinet. "I thought you had enough from last night, no?" His face twisted into a sadistic smirk as if he was somehow training his children. It was nothing like training, this was clearly abuse. Whilst on his way out he paused to take one last look at his children in a horrendous state. "Still want to be heroes?" Yukio's voice trailed off into a horrible stomach churning laugh as he left both of them there to deal with themselves until next time he got the urge to hurt his children.


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