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November 28, 2022


03/14/2023 07:58 PM 

Hikari Bushida
Current mood:  sad

I might be sad today but i want to write hikari's story

Hikari Bushida is around 18 years old. She is in her second year of highschool. Hikari is from the world of zodiac guardians she was also selected by the moon kingdom queen herself to be a personal guard to princess serentity. Unlike the moon princess and her guards Hikari was never human to begin with she like the rest of her fellow guardians are just the humanzation of the signs they are fighting for though their memtors raised them to be humans. After the battle she was reborn a human but she has all her memories. 

As the guardians of the silver millenium along with the princess were being reawakened one by one Hikari was always gathering intel and giving it to her mentor and luna. Because of that luna was able to warn the guardians not telling them anything regarding where the intel is coming from. This helped them prepare for the negaverse's attack. This continued as each new enemy appeared. Since she is not human she can travel between time. She has met future serentity and endymion along with their daughter small lady usagi. No matter how many times she will fight and lose her life she willmalways be reborn.

(More to come)


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