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03/17/2023 04:01 PM 

Juvia's rules!!

  • I Do Para to Novella. I will rp with detail from one paragraph to six. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MATCH ME!! I repeat You do not need to match me. You respond with what you are comfertable replying with, I will match you. I am here to enjoy and have a good time, I do not want it to feel like a chore to answer me. Since I know what I can handle I am open to what you can. <p>
  • I am not here for romance, though it can happen! With that being said remember the character I portray. Juvia is madly in love with Gray (I will speak on this alittle later.) Therefore if not Gray, romance will be alittle more difficult to acheive with Juvia, however not impossible.In this aspect, Romance will occur by chemistry. I want a real connection, and for the romance to be apart of the storyline. Juvia will not be smutting outside of this.<p>
  • Since the last one mentioned it; I play Juvia true to character. Down to her boarderline stalking obsession with Gray. IF YOU ARE A GRAY, and are uncomfertable with this situation, do not hesitate to telll me to have Juvia stop. Keep in mind, that she is showing this affection, and I do not expect anything out of it. In fact Gray's usual rejection is expected, even if we are shipped. After all he isn't the affectionate type.<p>
  • Discord- I have it yes! I will share it! Heck I'll even banter and Rp on it. Keep in mind I work full-time and have a life outside of RP so I will answer as I can throughout the day. I will do my best to ensure at least two responses in a 24 hour time-frame.<p>
  • I enjoy fight scenes, action scenes as well as adventure! I will keep things interesting and fun, IF we are shipped please do not make the entire storyline about the characters being a couple.<p>
This is all I have for now. If I think of anything else I'll just add them. 


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