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March 28th, 2023

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January 29, 2022


03/18/2023 02:33 PM 

Evan Sokudo - Post Shin'ō Academy
Category: Character Info

After Evan honed his skills with the sword way better than he had expected, did a pretty good job learning the Hado/Kido techniques, and passed his classes with flying colors. He was able to graduate in just one year with his hard work and dedication to becoming a Soul Reaper. As time went on he had a matured a lot and some people had realized that he just wasn't acting himself at all. Most people had assumed it was just his focus on his studies that made him distant, or possibly he had no interest in socializing. Either way he was left alone, and once he had left the Soul Academy he was gifted his own Zanpakuto. It's name was Idaten, and he was an interesting Zanpakuto. It was some boy that looked around his age, but more mature. He had a tail of a cheetah and the ears as well, but the rest of the fur seemed like that of an outfit. Evan was able to understand him pretty quickly, but at the time he did that was when he started to become quiet. Evan looked back at those he met while training under Yoruichi, and realized that they didn't really seem to like him at all that much. Even Yoruichi seemed happy to get rid of him, but he saw his old self in Idaten. The Zanpakuto was mature but tried so hard to fit in, and Evan was hurt by this realization that he almost felt like he didn't want Idaten in his life...but he learned to love him and forgive his past self as well as those who may have wronged him. He was just ready to finally move on from the academy and hopefully be taken up by a Squad now. He had so much potential that someone would have wanted to pick him up, but who would it be? Well...from those he had met, it was hard telling if they'd wanna see him again. He would have to wait and see who he'd belong with...


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