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March 18, 2023


03/18/2023 06:47 PM 

Alaric- The Dream Demon

Full Name | Alaric
Pronunciation | Ah-la-ric
Nicknames | None yet, He’s more for giving them then getting them
Age | Unknown
Gender | Male
Species | Alp Demon
Current Residence | Anywhere he desires

Height | 6’6”
Weight | 200lbs (Muscular Build)
Skin | pale
Eyes | yellow with black slits (snake eye)
Hair | Purple fading to black, Long shoulder length
Piercings | 6 on chest: 2 in center, 2 under each collarbone, Septum, 6 on face: 3 along each cheek, 2 on either side of belly button
Body Art | N/A (yet)
Extras | Ram like horns on his head
Attire | Jeans, T-shirt, boots, leather jackets, anything leather or metal, chains

Traits | Sadistic, Malicious, Manipulative, Demanding, Destructive, Dominant, Alpha, Hot-headed and Stoic
Habits | Entering people’s dreams, manipulating one’s thoughts through dreams
Likes | Being in control, cigarettes, Being in people’s nightmares

Dislikes | sweet, happy dreams.
Powers/Abilities | Alaric is an Alp Demon, so he feeds off dreams. With being an Alpha comes feeding off nightmares as well. The more intense the dream the more satisfying the result is for the demon. Dream Walking: Ability to enter, manipulate, influence people’s dreams. Entice them to death, sex or any other deed he desires. Can Induce sleep through direct control or through enticing or power of suggestion that one may be tired. Speed, Abnormal strength, Energy Sapping (lethargy inducing from the sleep), Illusions in the form of daydreams.
Orientation | Gay
Marital Status | Single
Position | Seme
Turn-Ons | Using ones fears and nightmares against them, anything bondage related, the more sadistic the better for him
Turn Offs | Anything vanilla, softcore, ‘lovemaking’, someone trying to dominate him
Fetishes | Bondage, choking, chains, whips, toys, you name it he’s into it

Background Story: Alaric was born to a tribe of demons in the underworld. A species known as the Alp demons, which feed off of and manipulate people through their dreams. While most tribes kept to themselves and only fed when needed to, Alaric’s tribe was different. Unlike most of the Alp tribes, Alaric’s used their powers to feed off peoples dreams and, in the process, helped soothe their fears and worries. Alaric was different though. From a young age he was looked down on by the tribe, he harbored a darkness, a hunger for the nightmares. The young Alp took enjoyment off of the fear and worries of other, slipping away into the human world on a nightly basis to consume the nightmares all while making him stronger. His parents, the leaders of the tribe, attempted to curb this over the years and steer their son away from the darkness but the demons appetite for fear was too great and over the years he started to resent and hate his parents. They were soft, weak in his eyes. Finally, when Alaric was older it all came to a head. His parents banned him from entering the human world and in a rage he slaughtered his father, taking the tribe for himself… or so he thought. With his father gone his mother took over and when she realized her son was too far lost, she made the toughest decision a mother could make. She banished him, along with some of the tribe members that sided with Alaric, to the human world. Never to be seen or heard of again. So, Alaric left, fled to the human world to become stronger, take back his tribe from his mother… become the alpha.
Now in the human world the demon has found a place to call home. The demon and the group he took with him have taken up refuge in New York City, full of people, hustle and bustle, and an endless supply of nightmares, stress, anxiety, and fears. His group and him work at the states maximum security prison now, the place where only the worse of the worse go to ride out the rest of their sad lives. Alaric… well he works as the therapist at the prison, working with the prisoners on their fears and indiscretions, all the while feeding off of them, keeping them stuck in a perpetual loop of nightmares, Slowly he will regain all of his strength and power and return to take back what is his…


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