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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 24
Country: Japan

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December 17, 2022


03/18/2023 06:52 PM 

Category: Character Info

Saki is an animal lover. Rather mostly towards cats. 
Though she can end lives without feeling much at all; if she accidentally harms an animal, the guilt will eat away at her for months. Animals > Humans. 

Saki is almost (if found) while committing a crime, nude. To avoid the obvious mess. As a result she's become habitually airheaded into changing clothes in odd places and times. 

Saki becomes hair trigger enraged if she is interrupted while having dessert. 

Saki is heavily annoyed by people who behave as if they're friends when literally nothing has been established to do so. 

Randomly friendly people (genuinely sincere) throw her for a loop and cause extreme anxiety. Constantly looking for an ulterior motive even if there isn't one to the point of delusionally fabricating a reason to cope. 

She deals with stupid people better than most as she finds them innocent in nature; like Animals. 

Saki has no sense of boundaries or personal space towards others- though given her 'occupation she is hyper attentive about her own space. 

Will more than likely entertain any idea you have if you offer her candy or various sugary treats. The same works with kittens. 

(just for fun. XD ) 


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