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Gender: Male

Age: 34
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March 18, 2023


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Rion- The Wild Rebel

The Wild Rebel
Full Name | Rion Strome
Pronunciation | RI-on
Nicknames | None yet but why don’t you give me one cutie?
Age | 26 years
Gender | Male
Species | Human
Current Residence | No where, a bit of a drifter


Height | 6'1"
Weight | 190 lbs
Skin | White
Eyes | Green
Hair | Pink, wild
Piercings | 2 on the lip, eyebrow (left), 3 on the ear, gauges.
Body Art | Tattoo on his neck and his arm
Extras | Update soon...
Attire | Jeans, tank tops, comfy, revealing sh*t

Powers/Abilities | Besides being trained how to box and fight on the streets Rion is human and has no other powers but is open to anything that comes his way
Traits | Rion is loud, in your face, fun loving and always down to have a good time. He also has a rather nasty and quick temper.
Habits | Smokes alot and curses alot
Likes | Smoking, Music, Having a damn good time, Chillin.
Dislikes | Drama, being around drama, Stupid people

Orientation | Gay
Men Only
Marital Status | Single and always looking

Position | Goes back and forth on position
Turn-Ons | F***ing while getting high, Bondage of all types, being restrained
Turn Offs | People who can’t take the pain, feet
Fetishes | Leather, leather and more leather. Chains, you wanna try it? I am down baby.

Background Story
Rion was born to an alcoholic abusive father and a mother who did her best for her and her son to survive. Growing up he had the crap kicked out of him and listened to his parents constantly fighting and arguing. At the age of 14 Rion’s abusive and alcoholic father, who he learned later had cheated on his mom and had another kid years back, left him and his mom. From there it was all down-hill, his mother fell into a deep depression and stopped taking care of herself and her child and Rion was left to fend for himself. In order for him to make sure he had the things he needed he turned to crime. Petty stuff at first like stealing and breaking and entering for little things. But that slowly faded into meeting people he shouldn’t have and falling into a deep drug addiction problem. He became the guitarist of a band and a full-blown drug addict. He will try anything and everything in the book. Flash forward a few years and the male is now one of the biggest drug dealers in the city and has started working as a gun for hire. The male has trained himself over the years to become proficient with both blade and bullet. As a side gig, and a way to have a constant supply of customers he works as a dancer at one of he biggest clubs in the city, where all of the cities crime and low-life’s come to mingle and handle business without fear of retaliation from law enforcement. Rion’s addiction has gotten worse, and he wonders the world alone, filling his blackened heart with sex and drugs in an attempt to fill the void inside of him. Underneath it all he yearns for a different life, one of purpose and meaning and one where he doesn’t have to be alone anymore. Problem is he has an issue letting anybody in close…


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