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Zexes- The False "God"

The False “God”
Full Name | Zexes
Pronunciation | Zexes (Ze-K-es)
Nicknames | “My lord”, God
Age | Unknown due to experimentation
Gender | Male
Species | Human (Experiment)
Current Residence | Unknown

Height | 6’4”
Weight | 190
Skin | Sun-kissed, Semi-tan
Eyes | Golden
Hair | Bright Teal with blue highlights
Piercings | None
Body Art | Tribal design tattoos along his torso, arms, and back. Symbolizing his god like status in his mind
Extras | N/A
Attire | He dresses differently than most people. Being in a lab and all. He tends to wear more roble like attire, flowy, comfortable, soft. Desert royalty like attire

Personality |
Traits | Sadistic, egotistical, “God-Complex,” Power hungry. Can be calm when he has what he wants. Cocky
Habits | Draining power from everything to increase his own, being lazy and letting others do everything for him. Has a bit a of a temper and a destructive streak with it
Likes | People serving him, power, energy, control

Dislikes | Not being in control, People talking back to him, being drained, isolation (no energy when isolated)
Orientation | Gay (Seme)
Marital Status | Single

Position | Top
Turn-Ons | Anything and everything bondage and slave related. He likes for those around him to serve him in any way, shape or form.
Turn Offs | Dominance in others, back talk in excess, Downright defiance (he may just kill you)
Fetishes | BDSM, pet play, slave & master, domination

Powers/Abilities | WARNING: Has almost God like tendencies due to what his powers are. Energy Manipulation, absorption, and storage. Zexes can manipulate the energy particles around him and within other people therefore making him capable of absorbing his enemy’s energy and turning it back against them. He is also able to store the energy and use it to increase his strength and speed, the more energy he absorbs the stronger and faster he is. Passively his body is naturally always slowly absorbing the energy around him, but he is able to focus it more intensely and at his own regulation. That energy can be focused back at his enemies in various ways such as a blast or ray or explosion or bigger.
Background Story |
Zexes is an experiment created in a private military corporation lab as one of the ultimate weapons. He has been conditioned from the start to believe he is unstoppable and so far, that has proven to be true. He is used by his creators, The Foundation, to hunt down failed experiments deemed too dangerous for normal agents to go and collect as well as targets deemed too dangerous for normal military intervention. Zexes is dispatched to destroy large targets as well as other super humans that may be employed by other military or competing corporations. So far, he has proven to be unstoppable, having never failed to bring in or down a target. Because of his treatment and duties, he has developed a “God-Complex” in which he thinks of himself as above and superior to all other beings. His personality reflects this complex in a massive way.
Now, as a living weapon deemed too dangerous to be allowed in normal society, the man is kept under lockdown at one of the secret Foundation facilities. Locked away in a cell for a decade now, sealed in a room that allows no levels of energy in and out, he has been kept docile. Through this time his anger and hatred for humanity has only grown and gotten stronger. He spends his days now locked away in his cell, biding his time for the day his opportunity presents itself for his escape…


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