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03/18/2023 07:18 PM 

Axel- The Untamed Wolf

Name: Axel Wolf
Nickname: Wolf
Relationship status: single
Sex: male
Orientation: gay

Race/species: German/Werewolf
Height: 5’11 (human), 7’5”(transformed)
Weight: 160 (human), 240 (transformed)
Age appearance: early to mid 20’s
Actual age: 250

Hair color: ashy black with purple and red highlights
Hair Length: short
Hair style: short, spikey, choppy
Eye color: magenta/red (human), Red (transformed)

Skin/fur color: peachy white (human), Black fur (transformed)
Scars: none yet
Birthmark: none
Piercings: 3 on his right ear
Occupation: Wolf Tamer in carnival

Personality: unpredictable, mood tends to be all over the place, animalistic, sometimes mean depending on mood, always high energy, loyal to a fault to those he deems worth it or has submitted to (if he can be tamed), Dangerous, vicious.
Profile Song:

Backstory: Not much is known about Axels past, even to him. His uncontrollable transformations as a werewolf has caused many black outs over the decades thus leaving him with fragmented memories. What he does know is he was born in Germany but left soon as a small child with his family. The next memory is the slaughter of his parents, Wolf like beasts tearing them to shreds. One got him but he was spared. The next memory is waking up 5 years later in a pool of blood, clothes shredded and gone and a pile of bodies surrounding him. Over the years he learned to control the beast inside him to an extent, the exception being on full moon nights when the beast gets the better of him.
250 years later and he still searches for the ones that cursed him and slaughtered his family, all the while growing more and more angry and animal like.
Now, the search continues. Only now he does not travel alone anymore, he has taken up refuge as an animal tamer in a traveling carnival. Here he trains and performs with his three Wolf pets Fang, Scar, and Shadow.
Chained and restrained when needed, the ringmaster of the carnival keeps close watch over the Wolf and his transformations. After all, murder is bad for business...


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