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Time line

Artemis as a tuatha de dennan 3000-2094

War of Sen mags and the formors

Born: BCE 2095

2095-2089 Asrael training 

BCE 2070-1530 ishtar training

-Babelonias fall-a new dynasty -takes it place 1530-1030

1st reincarnation 1030-700 BCE

2nd life span-700-500 BCE

-Shadow vampires first assault

3rd reincarnation 499-300 BCE

3rd life span 299-150 BCE 

4th reincarnation: 

149-29 BCE

5th reincarnation 28 BC-50 AD

5th life: 50-170 

6th reincarnation: 171-400

6th life: 400-600 AD

7th reincarnation 601-910 AD

7th life 911-1030

-Templer era 

-Escort of vector sigma

-First Bible escort

-location of arc given 

8th reincarnation 1031-1300

8th life 1300-1630

-Meets eclipse

-Kids birth

-muramasa training 

-First students 

-Battle of sekigahara 

-Black death

-100 year war 

-Mongol rule

-Ming dynasty rises

9th reincarnation- 1631-1700 Lycan era

9th life- 1701-1780 

 -endless night war

-First meets angels

-First beatrice defeat thus marks her rebirth beginning

10th reincarnation 

10 life: 1781-1864

civil war

11th reincarnation

11 life 1865-1920


12 reincarnation 1921-38

12th life ww2 1939 to 1945

13th reincarnation 1946-1994

13th life 1995-current


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