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Time line and emanations

What are emanations?
Emanations can be described as many things. Theories. Ideas. Concepts. Reality. These are small parts of a singular Emanations. For each principle there are Emanations, all of which rank higher then the highest archangels. In the case of Orphiel he is the Emanation of execution. Meaning good and evil are vital to him. Emanations are entities without a pure physical form so he can not be harmed. Aslong as the concept of good and evil exist in the multiverse he can not die. He also can oversee  his own physical universe and even create one so long as life and death are not present. It is because of this authority that all emanations do not participate in fights unless it calls for it.

In earth years -pre-reincarnarion
Artemis( Birth) as a tuatha de dennan 3250-3190

-War of Sen mags and the formors -3190-3080

1st reireincarnation 3179-3001 BCE
1st life: Born: 3000 BCE
2090-2089 Asrael training 
BCE 2070-1530 ishtar training
-Babelonias fall-a new dynasty -takes it place 1530-1030
2nd reincarnation 1030-700 BCE
2nd life span-700-500 BCE
-Shadow vampires first assault
3rd reincarnation 499-300 BCE
3rd life span 299-150 BCE 
4th reireincarnation: 149-29 BCE
5th reincarnation 28 BC-50 AD
5th life: 50-170 
6th reincarnation: 171-400
6th life: 400-600 AD
7th reincarnation 601-910 AD
7th life 911-1030
-Templer era 
-Escort of vector sigma
-First Bible escort
-location of arc given 
8th reincarnation 1031-1300
8th life 1300-1630
-Meets eclipse: A descendant of tsukiyomi 
-muramasa training 
-First students 
-Battle of sekigahara 
-Black death
-100 year war 
-Mongol rule
-Ming dynasty rises
9th reincarnation- 1631-1700 Lycan era
9th life- 1701-1780 
 -endless night war
-First meets angels
-First beatrice defeat thus marks her rebirth beginning
10th reincarnation 
10 life: 1781-1864
civil war
11th reincarnation
11 life 1865-1920
12 reincarnation 1921-38
12th life ww2 1939 to 1945
13th reincarnation 1946-1994
13th life 1995-current


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