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Clarification of Wakfu Terms
Category: Character Info

Clarification of Wakfu Terms
The world of Wakfu can be confusing and full of terms one may find strange.  This ever-evolving list is an attempt to clarify and explain some of the terms that might be mentioned in a story written with Yugo. All entries will be linked to their respective wiki pages. I will attempt to add new entries to this list as they become necessary, but more information on anything mentioned can be found on the Wakfu wiki.

The Krosmoz is the name of the universe in which Yugo and all other beings reside.

World of Twelve:
The World of Twelve is the planet on which the story of Wakfu takes place, it is also the home to Yugo and all of his friends.

Wakfu is the positive energy of creation that is present in all things passing through the Krosmoz. It is always on the move, traversing all that lives.

Stasis is the negative energy of the Krosmoz. It is usually associated with death and destruction.

A species created by the Great Dragon and the goddess Eliatrope long, long ago. These human-like creatures have dragon wing-like horns on their head that allow them the ability to levitate but are most often hidden by a long, distinctive hat. They age very slowly and can live very, very long lives. The first six Eliatropes were born from six egg-like objects known as a "Dofus". These original six possess a powerful form of immortality in which upon death, they return to their Dofus to eventually be born again with the same body, starting life over. The six original Eliatropes consist of Chibi, Glip, Mina, Nora, Yugo and Qilby alongside their respective dragon siblings Grougaloragran, Baltazar, Phaeris, Efrim, Adamaï and Shinonome. Qilby is the only Eliatrope capable of retaining his memories upon reincarnation.

The Original Dofus, also known as Eliatrope Dofus, are very special egg-like objects. Each one of the six Eliatrope Dofus were laid by the Great Dragon after his second union with the goddess Eliatrope. In addition to giving birth to a Dragon, the eggs also contain an Eliatrope twin. When either of the twins dies, their Wakfu returns to the egg until they have both returned and are ready to reincarnate with the same, albeit infant body that they had before. This gives the first six Eliatropes and Eliatrope Dragons a very potent form of immortality.


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