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05/23/2023 02:09 PM 


Although it’s heavily advised to read the information on my page to get a grasp of my character, below are listed points in time to choose from, in order to aid in storyline discussion.

Maiden of Life
(Default unless specifically requested otherwise)

Escaping from the atrocities of the magical-borne in Galatia at a young age, Celestia grows up as a refugee in the neighboring kingdom of Aquroya. Years before the revelation of her origins, Celestia leads a life in pursuit of studying the arcane artes, in hopes to master the elements she’s been gifted with wielding. Taking interest in the many magical anomalies happening across Aquroya, it’s often that Celestia sets out to investigate plagues of the land and upset nature spirits, unknowingly closing in on an ages’ old plot to awaken the Old World Gods. In her spare time, she helps around the Undercity community.

Queen of Peace
The war of decades has finally come to a conclusion. King Arthur has been forcibly ousted from the throne with the help of Aquroyan, Ignisian, and the Galatian Insurgency forces. In the Goddess’ ultimate act of irony, a daughter of House Kestrel takes the throne, however this association is in blood only. With the support of Eldir’s major powers—and more importantly, that of the citizens—Celestia Nightingale is dubbed Queen, her only inheritance the wake of destruction Arthur wreaked. The people are broken, the economy is in shambles, and the land itself is left in ruins.

Unanimously, it’s agreed that there is no better person to rise to the challenge of healing the kingdom than the Maiden of Life, and thus, Queen Celestia’s focus is rebuilding, reestablishing, and forging alliances that will aid in these efforts.



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