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Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sign: Libra
Country: United States

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August 26, 2018


05/23/2023 06:42 PM 

Basin of Fire Caim x Firekeeper
Category: Stories

silent madness/419156A woman
Turned into a stake
Will hold the world

You live so that you may kill. Like all others of your race. - Angelus

That gentle tone easily melt's away against his aggression managing to engulf him in a warmth not felt since---Furiae. For only a few minutes at a time was his mental calm, Rationale beginning to push towards his thinking processes. Even such common courtesies of bowing before him had once again removed him from his decision making. While the title of a Prince had been ingrained into his bloodline there was also the insidious nature of a beast that slaughtered all blurring that line of identifying friend & foe and yet---

Firekeeper? Tending to a flame? RITUAL?! The mentioning of just that word alone cloud's the mind into a haze of red in such an instant even as her statement of asking of his travels, to soothe his mind and body such words pass through the air unheard and in such an moment the male swing's the remain's of his broken blade. SWOOSH! Cutting the air even with such low velocities the lack of familiar weight could still prove lethal if not in cutting then in breaking bone the sharpness of it's edge is only a mere centimeters from her jugular strand's of golden hair fall away towards the ground. A shaking is felt within those developed muscles biceps tense with vein's underneath that uniform teeth grit in utter anger almost as if the male was fighting against his own wrath to spare her life.
Kill her. . . Is she really the enemy?Crush her. . . .I don't sense any malice--no malcontent.RIP & TEAR!. . . .Heed her words, Heed them!


An internal battle, One that had been between instinct auto responses of those previous grueling experiences of mending and tearing his enemies asunder. To the rational mind one which had been the very little reasoning which was held within his grasp. Even in such a moment Caim only finally closes his eyes quietly lowering his hands a thin film of sweat pours from his brow a cool exhale of his breath rolls into the lower temperatures giving away to brief frost.

'Trust her.'

For a moment there was apprehension in such a decision though the male extend's that hand tattered gloves covered in dried blood, ripped and torn from the myriad of battle's the male stepped within only to concede.

"If I smell a hint of betrayal, You will pay the price for it."

A threat that the male would surely honor to his dying breath.
OOC: Yeah! during development Caim's codename was Guts. They did indeed base many of Caim's characteristics around Guts. I think the difference is that Caim is a Guts that pushed so far over the edge that returning back should be nigh-impossible. So I'm curious on what sort of impact and experiences that would be shared between these two that would bring back a bit of that awkward Prince who simply fell in love with his sword. But then again---entering the Demon Souls world I expect there to be more tragedy to follow xD!


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