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Lore - Season Locked

Season Locked:


The technical term for four segments of the world that are, as the name suggests, locked to a specific season.  Each location is a perfectly shaped dome registering 200 miles across and 100 miles upward.  The reasons for these domes have been lost to time, though attempts were made to remove these enchanted spaces before it was discovered that the magic was creating new opportunities for increased wealth through year-round farming of seasonal crops, as well as a rise in tourists.


Season Locked Major Cities:


EverBloom - The Village of Eternal Spring

The largest town in the Spring Lock, EverBloom is a major metropolitan area surrounded on all sides by rural towns that all farm seasonal crops.  Though the temperatures remain comfortable year-round, the lock has more rain than the others.  Because of this, the amount of tourism in the area is shockingly low minus those who really want to find a lot of farmer's markets. But due to the rains and temperatures, the exports of seasonal crops more than makeup for the lack of tourism dollars.


Sunbright Shores - The Sun-Drenched Paradise

The most profitable resort town in the Summer Lock, situated on a large stretch of coastline.  Very much a commercial hot spot for families looking to experience fun in the sun at all times of the year, it is seen as a more clean and saccharin destination for those with children, with a large theme park located just a few miles from the beautiful beaches.  For those seeking an actual getaway from the hustle and bustle of the world?  Find a smaller resort elsewhere.  Or go literally anywhere else.


Autumnhelm - The Golden Crown

Though not the largest city in the Autumn Lock, Autumnhelm is considered the capital city for the area.  Home to Autumnhelm University (a prestigious school roughly described as “Three-out-of-Four Stars”), it is a popular destination for youths seeking to further their education in a comfortable environment.  From the clean and upscale Uptown Heights district to the more down-to-earth folk around Downtown, it was a place to find yourself if you sought city life without the incredible debt of renting out a garbage apartment.


Kalt - The Winter Wonderland


The largest city in the Winter Lock, Kalt manages to sustain itself through the constant risk of snow and ice through the intelligent use of magically powered heating systems through the city streets.  This makes it one of the more technically advanced cities in the world, as well as a popular vacation destination for those who want to bundle up and enjoy the warmth.


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