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09/14/2023 06:28 PM 

Modern Starter Sets.

I had a thought I had to write, If you feel like doing a Modern spin on Raphtalia, Please let me know I would love to do it! We can use one of these openings or we can create something else. 

(Fate M1)
A fall into another time - Tween

A powerful pulse, a distortion in the air. A dark aura overtook the lands. A wave was coming. Once every few months, paths to another world opened, allowing creatures in from the other side, to an unknown world. A slave was sent to gather water for her master. Her pink eyes scanned wildly, tracing the world around her. She knew waves brought monsters from other realms. One such monster caught was a creature with bright, wide, set eyes that released their light—a pair of blinking white eyes at the front of the creature's face. Silvery teeth glistened under. The stomach reversed on this creature coming out of what she would think was the back.

A person caught in its translucent belly sitting within it. The creature's honking roar released as it charged past her into one of the apple trees with a loud CRUNCH. The monster's flesh crumpled, its Metal skin peeled as its roar continued. The creature had no blood. Instead, the inside had exploded like a toad's throat, completely engulfing the person within. The bright red monster shook and smoked like it would breathe fire any minute, no doubt recovering from hitting the tree. With no legs to speak of, the creature seemed to move with wheels like a cart. It was the strangest thing she had ever seen. The slave wasn't going to wait around and find out what manner of beast it was. With portals popping up everywhere, she decided to jump into the portal that it had come from, hoping no others were in the area. To write herself a new fate in another world.

The second she stepped in, her form became weightless. She gripped her blade tightly as she felt herself spinning; she could see nothing but swirling purples and blacks. Then suddenly, light blinding light, her eyes adjusted quickly. She found herself in the middle of a cobblestone street, though these cobblestones were tiny, black rocks with some strange lines and drawings. The smell and noises of this place slapped her sensitive senses. More of the creatures roars in short bursts from all over. The same dirty smell the other had given off danced in the air. Those creatures were ordinary around here—one a smaller yellow one, with a person mounted upon its back. The creature's head was oversized, more like an antenna-less ant than humans, but the body was undoubtedly human, some form of Demi-human. The animal honked at her, veering away from her as the mounted human motioned with his hand, raising a single finger her way as it sped past. So, some of the beasts could be tamed? She shook her head, stepping off the black cobblestone as more of the metal beasts charged forward, the portal having closed behind her. She stumbled over another kind of cobblestone. These vast rocks cut perfectly square like a castle wall! In fact, most of the area around her looked like castle walls.

Sparkling crystal glinted in the sunlight, bouncing down in all directions. People everywhere! She was amazed! Her eyes lit up with wonder as she walked the street, most people avoiding her. One scoffed, "Cosplaying on a school day?" At her as they passed. The large, colorful beasts seemed not to walk on the light-colored cobblestone, staying instead only on the black. Some kind of barrier kept them from stepping over, or maybe the small bump between was hard for them to step over without feet? She had so many questions her ears twitched. The girl no older than 12, the wooden bucket clutched in her hand, her red tunic pulled tight against her stomach, her tail flicking excitedly behind her.

She had made it to a new world! She stepped to one of the reflective windows she looked at her crest, it was now grayed out. Deactivated, the connection to her original master was lost. The mana she could still feel it, suppressing her own. Her innate magic rested peacefully within her. She had no idea what this magnificent world was. People moved in herds as they crossed the black paths. The flocks cross and even stop together. The attire was strange: men and women dressed in pants, no one wore armor, not a single sword in sight. She couldn't help but smile.
(Fate M2)
What it takes to survive- tween

The wonder of this new world was short-lived, as the need for food, shelter, and survival struck her. She was utterly alone in a world that was not her own. She hadn’t eaten in three days. Her stomach growled with the fury of those metal bloodless beasts that dashed around with humans in their reversed bellies. She touched her stomach softly, holding it as she walked through the streets, which were even illuminated in the nighttime by tall lights that used some magic to turn on as soon as the sunset.

She shivered. The night air was cold, much colder than where she was from. Her ears flopped down, her head bowed as her mess of auburn locks cascaded sloppily down her back. Her tail was resting low. Pink eyes scanned the streets as she moved; she was so hungry. A few drunks staggered on the streets, but mostly, she was alone now on the streets. A sigh slipped past her lips before a smell reached her nose. Food, some sort of meat mix nearby, she sniffed the air. She moved forward, her eyes closing as she followed the scent. Her tail flicked as a large green bin stood under a large building before her. As she got closer, food, meat, rot, decay, and other pungent smells were mixed as she got closer. She wrinkled her nose and stepped back from it. Her stomach growled once more. She gulped.

Her small hand explored the box, circling as she tried to find a way in. She found a handle. Checking it, she found a way to open it. Pulling hard, it slowly moved with a loud metal groan. It looked kind of like the monsters, but it didn’t move. Maybe this one was dead? She hoped so. The smell was worse once the door was opened. Clearly, some things were rotting inside, but the scent of something that was not rotten was present too.. She just had to find it.

With that, she sunk inside. A crunch and a crinkle noise as she jumped sadly face first into a pile of trash bags. She nearly gagged at the smell. Though she was so hungry, she pressed on. She was ripping the protective membrane around the various groups, allowing the trash to come free. She went through finding what smelled still okay to eat. She popped out to set the items she found on the top of the container before sliding back in. She grew a small pile of nearly edible food, most half-eaten things. as she noisily dug in the trash can to find food.

Her mana, the magic energy that constantly danced around her normal in her own world but strange in this one, pulsed out. She finally stayed in one place long enough, the energy began drawing spirits towards her. The nearby ones approach slowly, wanting to feed on her power.


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