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Gender: Male
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September 14, 2023


09/14/2023 10:06 PM 

Info on his universe

The universe is a chaotic place just like the very magic that flows through the world of Avalon that exists in a universe so chaotic dragons live in suns and whales propel themselves through the vacuum of space. Magic in Avalon is just as chaotic as the universe, it lives in everything in this beautiful world full of desert forest and so many different nations and many different tribes. However, just like everything within existence there is an order in this universe and evil that only wants to consume and rid everything from existence (Edax Dearom; The Devourer of Gods in the common tongue). A being that only causes madness, fear and drains your very will to live. But this horrifying god-like creature was sealed away by a young god that goes by the name Havi. By sacrificing himself he sealed Edax away and has become the very magical weave itself filling the universe full of life. However Edax’s influence intertwines and manipulates the weave to create Evil, Fear, Madness, Murder, Demons and The very Dark Abyss itself at the bottom. This half dead astral god’s influence, even though asleep and sealed, still leaks into The Magical Weave. The realm of Tartarus and its 9 rings sits between Avalon and the Abyss where evil devils reside and torment souls. The Fey wilds sit in the magical weave itself, a small sized universal world itself. In the middle a man lives by the name of Havi (the same God that sealed Edax) is linked to that very weave itself by name only. If he were to die the name would move on to the next man to take his place. Though the name of Havi is given to them, they are transformed, changed and almost entirely reshaped to have the capabilities to wield the magic the original god possessed. His home is deep in the fey wilds almost as if it is his own dimension, the forest of yggdrasil. The forest was thick like a rainforest jungle. The trees are always shifting, never in the same spot for very long. It’s almost impossible to navigate through without Havis permission to do so. Other tribes of a people called Zonans, a race of people born from the weave, evolved from spirits themselves. They can forge the most powerful of weapons with their ruin markings. The forging process is only with the heat of pure magic. A metal called Magi is forged and shaped only with magic to whatever the user wishes for. However the more complex the item the more Magi is needed for it. The World of Avalon is massive with many different types of life forms from all mythologies. Even including its own four Elder gods that support Havi and bless him with the five Astral stars that made up that Astral plain. The four gods are listed as such. The first is Morder, He is the God of the forces of nature, magic and elements. Next is Akasha, She is the Goddess of space, time and reality. Next is Ragnarok, He is the god of revelation, war, blood and revitalization. And finally Avalon, She is the goddess of life, creations and everlasting longevity. The Unknown Party consisted of these Four elder gods and the Primordial God known as Havi. The Party came to the conclusion that sealing away Edax Dearom was a necessity for the balance of al. They were successful in their endeavors, but not without the sacrifices of these gods in order to seal Edax away. With this sacrifice came the natural order for this world. The goddess Akasha sacrificed her body and mind to create the star roads that allow Havi to traverse the multiverse. The Goddess Avalon sacrificed her body and mind to create the world that the people of Avalon call home. The God Morder spent his time and essence to create the natural laws of both physics and magic of the world. The God Ragnarok sacrificed his godly title but not his immortality to watch over this world to protect it from evils that would try to plague it. This is the world of Avalon and its entirety


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