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  • High Intelligence: Static is a highly gifted student with particular skill in mathematics, science, and computers. His prowess in science is what allowed him to design and construct the hoverdisc that he flies on. Virgil is a highly gifted student with a particular interest in the maths and sciences. He is also a talented inventor, as he was able to design the cape and wing apparatus of Red Robin's costume while at S.T.A.R. Labs and was also able to create a robot raptor using spare parts from a quantum accelerator. Robin states that Virgil's understanding of molecular structure rivals the Flash's, which was later proved when Virgil provided Kid Flash with a new costume that contained materials that realigned his molecules while stabilizing his powers after discovering that the latter's cells were rapidly deteriorating as a result of an alteration of his powers.
  • Tactical Analysis: Static is able to apply his scientific knowledge in combat and real life situations and does so almost intuitively. This allows him a certain advantage over more powerful, but less intelligent, opponents.
  • Multilingualism: Virgil has learned to speak German for unknown reasons and is fluent enough to carry on a simple conversation in the language.


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