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The World of Shield Hero

Here is the very basic's of Raphtalia's world: 
If you are expecting story-specific information HAHAHAHA no.. I will not include any spoilers. This is simply a bit about the world, with a spin to make it standalone for those who do not know the verse. I don't know, Maybe I just like writing random crap no one will read. am I a writing masochist? hmm -shrugs- Anywho here it goes.  It will be less formal than my other stuff because this can be a boring read and I wanted some flare. I apologize in advance for my poor sense of humor. 

The Synopsis: 
The world is actually several realms connected and in constant battle for one to be the only. Waves are created when the mana between them grows (a predictable event tracked by hourglasses in every primary city). When the Mana grows the sky erupts, cracks between realms form, and beasts drawn to the mana flow through. These events are called waves. To fight waves the world summons heroes from beyond the realms to fight. The world to those heroes is a video game in their world. Except one of the heroes, the shield hero, for whom the world was a book he had only picked up that day. In time the heroes learn how to use the screens, always resting in the preferential of their vision. Information on slaves, ranks, and conditions.

(This is where the condition placard I give raphtalia will be shown if you are a crested master) 
If we are not playing in her world this placard is added Via mana, and no doubt would probably be very annoying, much like when you notice your nose in the periphery of your eye vision and now you can't unsee it for several seconds. (you're welcome ) 

This area trades in gold, silver and copper coins. Coins can be gained by selling items or completing missions. You can also earn money by joining guilds, grinding beasts typical RPG stuff. 

A single main land mass rests in a vast ocean, the ocean having it's own monsters, that are known to sink ships. 

AREAS: Only those in the anime because of spoilers  

Main city country where raphtalia is enslaved. Racist towards Demi-humans in this early England-style city. Ran by a queen but the king is given ruling rights while the queen is busy with diplomatic affairs. 

Lurolona village:
The village of Demi-humans within Melromarc Raphtalia's original home. A small seaside village with cliffs overlooking the vast ocean. Destroyed by the wave that killed her parents and owned by the first person who enslaved her, a monster of am man who loves to torture those in his control. 

The Lone Island of Nipponatto: 
This island is one often used for grinding for quick level-ups. It's isolated nature allows the area to be stocked with powerful beasts; during an annual festival for adventurers and heroes alike, the island is filled with merchants to sell and buy supplies as monsters are killed in the events. 

The Church of the Three heros: 
The church that is the primary one of Melromarc They are against the shield hero at every turn, due to the close historical support of Demi-humans and shield heroes of past Demi-humans are viewed as subhuman and are not allowed in most establishments, nor permitted to have jobs of any rank.  

There are more minor religions, but this is the primary one. 

As any good RPG, Sheild hero's world consists of tiered monsters that reside in specific zones, though they may mix most area has their own rank, and each creature has a weakness, there are many monsters some familiar beasts, Griffins, wolves, dragons,, zombies they have a few that are specific to them such as the low-level balloon beasts, and man-eating rabbits of various levels. 

Though for Roleplay, I will leave them as basic beasts of common games and anime for ease of use. 


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