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June 19th, 2024

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 29
Sign: Sagittarius
Country: United States

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October 04, 2017


09/19/2023 09:37 PM 

Plot Ideas

A clan of demons have been known to hunt the forests nearby the village. The village has pooled money together in hopes of hiring someone to go and clear the demons out. These demons are crafty though and eager to ambush any trespassers.

Rumours have been spreading about a large underground labyrinth deep within the forest. Inside there is said to be priceless treasures, however, no one has ever returned after entering this maze. Deep inside this maze, demons had made their home within its depths.

Recently, the internet had been talking about some new game appearing online with scary stories involving people being sucked into the game where demons would hunt you down while you have to avoid traps and tentacle pits to escape. These rumours can't be true right? Might as well download it and check out what everyone is talking about.

You find a weird looking and old book. The cover of it is worn down and there is no title. However, once you open it up, you see a bunch of weird looking runes and after speaking a few of the words out loud, your teleported to another world. However, you now find yourself at the center of a demon infested forest.

Despite it being the modern age, there are still rumours of demons wandering the forest near the town. Must consider them to just be old wives tales to scare kids and keep them from wandering in. These rumours often become the root of dares with friends daring each other to spend the night in the forest. Little do people know, these rumours are true.

A clan of demons have long been in control of the city as a shadow organization. They control most organized crime, law enforcement, and even city governments to stay hidden while doing whatever they want. Their favourite business now is human trafficking and slavery. They often look for women to abduct off the streets or from one of the bars they own. They sometimes even set up fake modelling jobs or secretary positions.

For those who aren't interested in demons and only want humans:
A virus has begun to spread throughout the world and it seems like it will change society for the worse or even end it. This virus has caused men to lose their minds by having their desires grow to an uncontrollable level. Any infected man will spend all of their time looking for women to satiate these desires, often by force and when they start, it seems to never stop and the sounds continue to draw more infected men in, often causing captured women to be surrounded by a small horde of men.


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