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November 4th, 2023

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Gender: Female
Age: 27
Sign: Capricorn
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August 12, 2023


09/29/2023 03:52 PM 

Enough is enough

What did I say last time about staying in your own lane? Seems you lack even the basic ability of comprehension. We're sick, and tired of your stalking, bipolar, mental patient bullsh*t. You can't help yourself; you can't keep her out of your head. AND DON'T EVEN TRY to say you haven't mentioned her, or hinted at it, 'cause we're not f***ing stupid, nor were we born yesterday. You need to be in a psych ward, not on a writing site where people come to chill. Your presence is an affront to those who want to f***in' relax. It's beyond ridiculous. You're stealing her ideas now, right after she posts them. You're caught, dipsh*t. 

Do yourself, and everyone, a favor if you've got any sense about you left; leave. Go over to Roleplayer fully, just get off ani. You're not wanted. Especially now - you f***ed up, stealing my friend's idea. I'm done playing your high school games now. I don't care about your fake life, your fake woes, your fake everything. F***. OFF. 

You will not be humored with a response, either. What will come is going to be much worse. You've been warned.


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