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10/02/2023 06:13 PM 

Dom the fire demon

Don't send people ero starters without making sure they're okay with it.  Kthnxbai~
Also, you don't need to bring up your character's d*ck in a f***ing starter especially dedicating 3 sections of the starter to it?  Bro... get help.  That sh*t reeked of desperation.

IDK if you know this, referring to your d*ck as your meat is some sh*t dumbasses do.  Kindly, stop being a little bitch boy and crying about people "playing games" when you're playing games by using how you worded your profile as an excuse to send people ero when they agree to roleplay with you.  Like how your bitch ass wants to say for people to tell you if they're a guy irl (which they have no obligation to do) and if they are that there'd be no ero?  F***ing ask people if they want ero in the roleplay you little bitch.  You can keep crying about the games and People "not being worth your time" when you send unwanted ero starters to people and are surprised they delete you or don't bother responding to you.

and yes I have the starter you sent to her, try me and I WILL post it.  I could honestly give a f*** less what the "no drama" people on here think, look at my miscreant album.  "People" who decided to send ME ero from the jump without checking or even discussing with me FIRST.  Like quite a few on here, I personally do not mind it, but for me it MUST be discussed.  Unlike Quite a few of the anti-ero people here, I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say I don't do it or dislike it because like many of them, I DO it offsite, but unlike SOME I don't do that sh*t in public threads.  That's this little thing called courtesy, I suggest you and others like you learn it.

Note: You know who you are with your weirdo diaper stuff, you too you giant tiddy obsessed weirdos


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