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November 25th, 2023

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
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November 17, 2023


11/17/2023 09:36 PM 

Rules; Welcome to my Universe.

-Do not add me seeking to date, I don't mind online realtionships but I MUST know you first.

- I am a paragraph / multiple paragraph writer. 
- I make graphics and do custom writing bio pages. If you donate to my Coffee I'll automatically do your request, you don't donate and you just request a freebie from me
be patient, don't rush me, I can do it for you if I'm not working on other projects :)
- Don't add me if you're a minor or under the age of 18. There WILL be adult content beyond this point. 

- I AM A MULTIRP ACC,  If its not something your into, you can  block or not interact at all

- Other MULTI universe accs are okay to add me too. I'm not super picky but I do require you have stories!

-   please note, I have a life outside of ANI I'm trying to be  a fulltime content creator. If I don't get back fast enough I'm not ingoring you.

- Crossovers/ Collabs/ they are welcomed.

- there will BE NSFW + MATURE themes. 

- Sometimes I need a break from ani so don't take it personally if I don't respond right away. I have work outside of anirp but I want to be a fulltime writer/artist, in upcoming days, I hope I can dedicate fulltime to them.

- Do not try to k*ll off my OCs,marry my OCs, without asking first, no Godmoding.

- I have ADHD so I may forget at times your request or our roleplay. just message me kindly! I don't bite, unless your into that.

- I don't mind talking to people out of character or chatting on stream. I have discord, youtube, n fb. I will give out if we chatted a few times, or your a main of mine!

 -   random starters;  I am okay with as long as its not a one paragraph liner.

 Thank you for reading my rules.

Code: PrettyBunny
if you read my rules.


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