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About Chiwoo (복학생 Season 1)

Back to School is literally about a character’s journey back to school. His name is Chiwoo, when we first meet the character, he trying to get his life back together. He is doing his senior year again, at first, we don’t know why until later in the story. At school, he’s a bit isolated because most other students fear him and has a habit of sleeping in class. The reason he sleeps is because he works nights sometimes. Chiwoo just wants to finish and graduate so he keeps to himself mostly expect for the class president Kyujin. Kyujin is super friendly and basically nice to everyone. He is often portrayed as a puppy in some drawings. Overall, just adorable. He takes a liking to Chiwoo. He tries to get Chiwoo involved in soccer but ends badly because others are roughing him up. Chiwoo tries to keep his cool because he doesn’t want trouble and just wants to get through the term. He ends up with cuts from the soccer incident and Kyujin helps him with it. This is where Kyujin tells Chiwoo that he wants to be friends with him. Chiwoo has a flashback of a guy he knew who is basically horrible. Since he experienced this other friendship, he wants to remain friendless because of the past. Chiwoo rejects the friendship and Kyujin accepts this. Since Kyujin has a good heart, he can’t let it go and tries to help since Chiwoo has trouble walking. Chiwoo tries to pull away but can’t so he ends up accepting the help. Chiwoo has a habit of appearing hard but really is kind hearted. An example being when he moves Kyujin from the edge of the sidewalk when the bus is coming when they’re walking home.

The two end up spending more time together from helping Chiwoo on school work then walking to the bus stop. It all goes to sh*t when the bully from the soccer game and his friend who don’t attend the school are behind Chiwoo and Kyujin. The friend of the bully recognizes Chiwoo and immediately immediately goes to tell Jihyun. This is the guy from Chiwoo’s flashback! I will admit he’s good looking guy, the tattoos, piercings, dark hair… but he’s horrible… remember that! Before he enters the picture, everything is fine and dandy with the two. Chiwoo even got Kyujin snacks as a thank you for helping him out. It’s honestly a cute moment and I live for Kyujin’s friends, they’re funny. Everything goes crashing down when Jihyun shows up at school, he basically starts hugging Chiwoo and tells him how he’s been looking for him. Chiwoo is frozen at first because he’s shock that he found him. There starts to be a scene on school grounds because Chiwoo is trying to get away but Jihyun won’t let him. Kyujin steps in to make him let go. A teacher gets involved but Chiwoo covers for them, telling him that’s his friend. This shocks Kyujin, like he doesn’t believe it. Later Jihyun has Chiwoo cornered, he asked him why didn’t he visit him. We find out that Jihyun was gone for murder but he’s out now. He then confesses to Chiwoo again that he likes him.

One thing that always causes alarm is Jihyun always trying to force himself on Chiwoo. Chiwoo stops him every time and even when he’s trembling, Jihyun just thinks about himself. You can tell he had a negative effect on Chiwoo because when Jihyn forces a kiss with Chiwoo. After he leaves, Chiwoo throws up. It is still unknown to the reader as to why. Chiwoo is uneasy with Jihyun back in his life. It’s made worse when he starts attending the same school. Chiwoo is shocked. There is tension between Jihyun and Kyujin. Kyujin doesn’t like how Jihyun treats Chiwoo. Jihyun is overall rude to Chiwoo and keeps him isolated from other classmates and Kyujin. Chiwoo lets this happen because he knows Jihyun will get angry and do something violent. It’s the main reason why Chiwoo keeps Kyujin at arm’s length because he doesn’t want him to get hurt. Kyujin still tries to get close to Chiwoo, he gets the chance when they skip school one day. They hang out and watch a movie, overall, just fluff. They go to an arcade, Chiwoo wins keychains – matching ones!! Another cute moment is when Chiwoo goes to smoke because he doesn’t want to smoke in front of Kyujin since he’s younger. Kyujin finds him, and asked him if he try it. Kyujin basically struggles which makes Chiwoo laugh.


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