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11/18/2023 06:59 PM 

About Chiwoo (복학생 Season 1 ) 2/2

Jihyun is suspicious when Chiwoo isn’t at school, he also notices Kyujin is missing too. He confronts Chiwoo but he tells to mind his business. They start their toxic friendship again after there’s an incident at Chiwoo’s. It reveals a lot of their relationship. It starts with Jihyun sexual harasses Chiwoo but only stops when he starts crying. Jihyun feels sorry and tells him he’ll follow his rules. So, it starts again, things are somewhat cordial but anything can set off Jihyun. He also never lets Chiwoo live his life. Some examples are – Chiwoo starts talking to a girl and guess who ruins it… Jihyun! He literally sets it up so Chiwoo finds them and he does because he always meets with Jihyun after soccer. I’m happy Chiwoo speaks out and Jihyun goes through his spiel about how he’ll change. The another one being a soccer player often would walk to practice with Chiwoo. Jihyun finds out who the player is so he breaks his legs. No joke, that’s how crazy he is. If you’re wondering why Jihyun gets away with such things – he’s rich well his family is.

Anyway, after the hospital visit [of visiting his soccer friend], Chiwoo is reflecting on his relationship with Jihyun, that’s when we see what happen between them. They were drinking with some friends [it seems like Chiwoo wasn’t]. Chiwoo warns Jihyun to not drink but he continues then proceeds to tell Chiwoo that he likes him. Chiwoo doesn’t react because he’s heard this all before. Jihyun gets mad and Chiwoo tells the others to leave since he’s making a scene. After the friends leave, Chiwoo tries to calm him down but Jihyun isn’t having it. He forces himself on Chiwoo, he tries to talk some sense into Jihyun but it doesn’t work. Jihyun continues until Chiwoo hits him across the face, he deserves it though. Just saying. This shocks Jihyun, after getting over the shock, he starts beating Chiwoo. It’s bad and now we can see how mess up their relationship was and still is. We also find out what happen with the murder. Chiwoo leaves after getting beat and Jihyun goes for a smoke. One of Jihyun’s friends runs into which shocks both of them. Jihyun walks to where the friend came from and finds someone unconscious. Jihyun gets the blame when his friends turn on him and since he’s always in trouble, it’s easy to put the blame on him. This also gives us a view into his family, his dad shows at the police station and slaps the sh*t out of him in front of everybody. He’s only ally is Chiwoo he confirms Jihyun’s story that they were together, it doesn’t help that Chiwoo is in the hospital because of him at that time.

Going back to present times, Kyujin enters the picture again. He starts acting awkward towards Chiwoo because he has a dream where they’re kissing. Again, I can’t handle how adorable he is. He’s too pure for this world I swear. Chiwoo starts noticing that Kyujin is acting differently and tries to figure out why. He finally calls out Kyujin and his excuse is adorable, he tells Chiwoo that he had dream where he told him not to talk him anymore. After talking it out, things go back to normal for them. An opportunity comes up where the class is trying to score the third highest scores on their exams around the school so Kyujin asks Chiwoo to study with him. He’s a little reluctant but agrees. During studying, Chiwoo is really trying his best while Kyujin can’t stop staring but also working. One day during their studying, Kyujin kisses Chiwoo. Chiwoo is shocked and pushes him away. Kyujin is also shocked that he did that and runs out the classroom. Chiwoo is still dealing with his feelings for Jihyun so he isn’t sure about Kyujin.

The next day, Kyujin is looking into the classroom, thinking about everything that happen. Jihyun shows up and asked Kyujin if he’s interested in Chiwoo. Kyujin says he is. Jihyun is shocked at first then warns to stop hanging out with Chiwoo. Kyujin calls him out that he makes Chiwoo uncomfortable. It’s a war of words between them. Jihyun go into the classroom first. Chiwoo is curious on what they were talking about and this makes Jihyun angry. Jihyun threatens him by saying if he doesn’t want to see Kyujin hurt to leave him alone. Chiwoo is conflicted with situation. Kyujin finally comes in the classroom and immediately starts apologizing but Chiwoo tells him not to talk to him.


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