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About Chiwoo (복학생 Season 2 )

Season 2 starts with a sad Kyujin because Chiwoo is somewhat ignoring him. The exam scores come in and the class did amazing. A reward for the class is class trip since they didn’t take one yet. Chiwoo is doesn’t want to attend but the teacher thinks it’s a good idea for memories. Once Kyujin hears that he might not going, he doesn’t want to go if he doesn’t go. Chiwoo is debating on trip and talks to his mom about it. Chiwoo’s mom thinks its great idea for him. Chiwoo agrees to go and Kyujin is overjoyed. Sadly, Jihyun goes on trip, there is a funny moment where they both want Chiwoo to sit by them, so he ends up being in the middle. Chiwoo is second guessing his decision because of the two.

The trip is to a beach town. Chiwoo is mostly keeps to himself because he told Jihyun to leave him alone while Kyujin tries to hang out with him. He’s still awkward after the kiss. Chiwoo doesn’t know how handle both of them because he ends up hurting them either way. He thinks it’s time to make a choice between the two. The reader learns that Chiwoo still doesn’t know if Kyujin likes him because he hasn’t mention it. Read the room Chiwoo lol…They are sharing the room too, well a group of them are but it includes the three. Chiwoo is getting ready for bed and Jihyun wants to sleep him and Kyujin sees it and wants to sleep with him too. Chiwoo finally tells them to cut it out and agrees to share the bed with them but they can’t touch him. Both agree. Of course, we all know who breaks it – Jihyun, he just hold his hand and touches his face. Kyujin is sad about the whole thing because of how much he likes Chiwoo.

One night, the class is watching a show. Chiwoo goes outside and Kyujin follows. Chiwoo questions Kyujin to why he’s outside and Kyujin just wants to spend time with him. Chiwoo tries to avoid him and tells him he feels uncomfortable. Kyujin starts crying and tells him not to go also he confess his feelings. Chiwoo is shock at his confession. Kyujin understands he needs to process what he just said but he just wants him to keep him at his side. He also mentions that if he doesn’t want to then he’ll leave him alone. Chiwoo confesses that he is scared because of how Jihyun might react. Kyujin understands and asked for hug which Chiwoo agrees. Jihyun sees them hugging and ruins it. He literally starts beating Kyujin but he fights back. They go at for some time until some teachers break it up. Kyujin goes to hospital because his nose doesn’t stop bleeding while Jihyun goes back home. Chiwoo stays by Kyujin and at hospital, Kyujin learns about Chiwoo and Jihyun’s history. Meanwhile Jihyun seems to up to something while back at home.


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