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About Chiwoo (복학생 Season 2 ) 2/2

Jihyun sets up a meeting with Kyujin through the bad kids at school. Chiwoo is suspicious because those kids don’t talk to Kyujin so he finds it odd. Chiwoo asked Kyujin about it and he avoids the conversation. They stop talking because the teacher comes in. After school, Kyujin meets Jihyun. He isn’t alone, the bad kids are there as well. Both Jihyun and Kyujin exchange words. Instead of Jihyun beating him up, the kids are so that way he won’t be expelled from school. It’s three to one. They have a hard time trying to beat him because he’s strong. Meanwhile Chiwoo finds out about the meeting through one of the bad kids who didn’t want to get involved. He rushes over to stop it because it’s the past repeating itself. Chiwoo stops it for a second until one of the bad kids hits Kyujin. Chiwoo again steps in but Jihyun grabs him and pulls him back which causes Chiwoo to fall down the stairs. Everybody stops and Kyujins gets away to go to Chiwoo. Chiwoo ends up in the hospital.

Chiwoo got arm and leg fractures because of his fall. They are serious because he required surgery. Both Jihyun and Kyujin are waiting at the hospital. Chiwoo’s mom confronts Jihyun asking him if this was another one of his mistakes. His mom drags Jihyun because of everything Chiwoo has been through and tells him to stay away from him. The teacher suggests to both Jihyun and Kyujin to go home because Chiwoo needs to rest. There is a flashback to Chiwoo and Jihyun’s relationship when they were younger. Basically, Jihyun has been a d*ck since forever, he gets interested in Chiwoo since he isn’t scared of him like the others. I also think Chiwoo felt bad for Jihyun because his dad would hit him and would come to school all messed up. He made an effect to be friendly with Jihyun. Chiwoo is a good kid and tries to keep Jihyun out of trouble. Jihyun would act out so he could have Chiwoo’s attention again. Then it goes back to modern day, Chiwoo’s surgery went great and Jihyun is still waiting in the hospital. Chiwoo allows him in his room. At first there’s silence until Jihyun apologizes and asked for forgiveness, he’s even on his knees. Chiwoo finally speaks and says he won’t be able to forgive him anymore. Jihyun pleads with him but Chiwoo realizes they can never go back to how they once were because of everything that has happened. Chiwoo finally tells Jihyun how he truly feels about everything that has happen and Jihyun finds it hard to face the truth. In his final favor to ask of Jihyun, he wants them to stop being friends.

After leaving the hospital, Jihyun goes back home. He is then faced with his father, who is upset with the whole drama that has gone on. Jihyun’s dad almost hit him but his brother intervenes, Jihyun finally accepts about studying abroad because he doesn’t want to upset Chiwoo anymore. Kyujin on the other hand has been visiting Chiwoo every day. So, he won’t be alone since his mom works a lot. Chiwoo gets discharged and Jihyun sends a car to take him home. He tells Chiwoo how he’ll be studying abroad and he’ll be waiting if he decides on forgiving him. Kyujin gives him space when Chiwoo is at home and waits for okay from him to visit. Chiwoo finally gives him the okay but he mentions to invite the others but Kyujin doesn’t. He wants to hang out solo with him and lies that the others couldn’t make it. It’s cute fluff when he’s over. Chiwoo finally goes back to school and the others greet him which makes him happy. This is where they also find out that Kyujin never told them about hanging out at Chiwoo’s. Chiwoo and Kyujin are now super close but he still doesn’t accept Kyujin’s feelings.

Kyujin asks out Chiwoo daily and he always says no. The reader knows because he’s getting over Jihyun and finally gets rid of things from their relationship. As winter is in full swing, Chiwoo gets a text message from Kyujin inviting him outside. At first, he’s confused as to why since it’s late and also, it’s snowing. Kyujin shows him his ID card and a new look. Chiwoo is confused as to what he’s trying to say. Kyujin shows him that he’s got into college and is adult. So, Chiwoo should have no excuses to keep rejecting. Chiwoo is surprised about his confession, he starts reminiscing about all their interactions and how he’s always been kind and consistent with him. He realizes that he actually made school better for him. The ending has a cute aspect where after reminiscing Chiwoo laughs and Kyujin questions him to why he’s laughing. Chiwoo gives his answer by kissing Kyujin as snow falls all around them. Kyujin is shock and Chiwoo tells him, they should go to school together then it ends.


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