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11/19/2023 06:03 PM 

Powers, Weapons, etc.

The Nebula Armor - The armor he wears is called The Nebula Armor, which offers him a strong defense and resistance against attacks of various types that includes magical, metaphysical, conceptual, and even physical. However, the armor isn't invincible as it sounds, every armor can wear and tear. If someone or something delivers attacks of all kinds with overwhelming might and power, the armor can and will weaken, even be destroyed. Even though Gideon is more( vulnerable), he still is dangerous in every way and has immense tenacity. If he's able to survive or leave the battlefield, the Nebula Armor will repair itself and regenerate but ONLY when he's outside of battle.

Sharva Energy - A Primordial energy called 'Sharva' is an energy that fuels and empowers Gideon. This said energy has properties of pure destruction itself, destroying seemingly anything on contact, whether physical or non-physical, even conceptual and abstract.

The Nebula Shield - A shield composed of the same attributes and properties like the Nebula Armor. Although not as strong in defense, the shield can be used for offensive and defensive measures. It can be utilized to parry and deflect attacks, even redirecting them back at opponents with stronger force.

Apollo Sword - A sword forged from the Primordial energies of destruction itself. This weapon was made to 'destroy the existence and essence of anything that lives. '

Hathor Spear - A spear forged from the Primordial energies of destruction itself. It's special ability is to 'eat away defenses'. The spear has the ability to break and chip away enemy defenses of any type, including armor, shields, magical defenses, conceptual defenses. The special ability however can last up to 60 seconds before deactiving. Gideon can multiply an infinite amount of Hathor Spears as a means of overwhelming his opponent. He can even dual wield two Hathor Spears.

Ascendance of Perses - The longer Gideon fights, the more powerful he becomes via Sharva energy, increasing his attributes to even the odds. Those attributes are raw power, strength (physical), speed, and durability. While there is no limit on how much stronger these attributes can get, Gideon can only be able to choose two of the four attributes he wishes to strengthen. The Ascendance of Perses DOES NOT effect his Nebula Armor, it only effects solely his (physical) durability, nothing else. 



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