The Wrath of Amaterasu

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December 2nd, 2023

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Gender: Female

Age: 31
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November 19, 2023


11/19/2023 11:18 PM 


Amaterasu is an Oni woman. She has red skin covered in darker red tattoos, horns protruding from her head and tusk like teeth protruding from her mouth. She has bright red, blazing like eyes. Almost like miniature suns for eyes. She is massive, even by Oni standards as a result of the extensive experiments and implants put into her by the Prototype Transhuman experiments when she was born. She stands over 7 feet tall. Where most Oni only stand up to 5 foot 8 inches tall. She has an incredibly physically powerful body.

She is moderately muscular as most of her strength comes from her magic. Her body is still quite lithe and flexible and very toned. She often wears a black kung fu sleeveless bodysuit with golden bracers around her wrists and a golden waist belt that covers her stomach. She has gray long hair that goes down past her waist. She has a fiery toothy grin plastered onto her face that seems to be locked in a semi permanent state. She only breaks the grin when she speaks or eats but for the most part it seems completely unconscious. She is always smiling. Her body is covered in dark red dragon tattoos that are a darker red hue than her red skin.




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