The Wrath of Amaterasu

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December 2nd, 2023

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Gender: Female

Age: 31
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November 19, 2023


11/19/2023 11:19 PM 

Stats and Abilities

Amaterasu is an Adept in Shadowrun. She primarily focuses on unarmed combat and stealth infiltration. Her stats are as follows.

BOD: 12
AGI: 11 
REA: 9 
STR: 12 
CHA: 3 
INT: 6 
WIL: 6 (10) when Adept Spell Increase Attribute WIL is active 
MAG: 15 

Stat Explain: 
3 is considered Human norm 
6 is Human natural max 
10 is human possible maximum limit. (Considered super human) 
10+ is considered beyond human capabilities whether magically augmented or cybernetically augmented. 

Homura is technically an Orc matavariant or subspecies called an Oni. The Orc species have a far greater capacity for strength than humans do. Despite this, she is still considered one of the strongest Oni/Orcs in the world.

Bioware Augmentation: 
Bone Density Augmentation Strengthens Bones, increase Damage resistance and allows harder unarmed strikes. 
Muscle Augmentation 4 ranks. (Increase STR by 4) From 8 to 12. Constantly active. 

Mentor Spirit- Shark Spirit (Can call upon Mentor spirit.) Shark has enhanced unarmed attacks and increases damage with unarmed attacks. 

Adept Powers 

Adept Spell Increase attribute: WIL (Allows her to cast spell to temporarily increase her willpower. Sustain it on her own, causing regular drain (NOT RECOMMENDED) Or Use a Spellcasting Sustainment Foci to sustain the spell for longer. 

Combat Sense: Allows her to become hyper aware of attacks and assists in dodging attacks and seeing hidden attacks coming. Cannot be surprised. 

Improved Physical attribute AGI rank 4 (Increase AGI by 4) From 7 to 11. Constantly active. 

Improved Physical attribute BOD rank 4 (Increase BOD by 4) From 8 to 12. Constantly active. 

Improved Reflexes Rank 3 (Superhuman reflexes. Beyond what is naturally possible. Allows Amaterasu to attack up to four times faster than regular people.  

Killing Hands: Magically charged Amaterasu’s hands. Turn nonlethal unarmed damage into lethal unarmed damage. Can harm spirits and destroy magical beings and constructs. 

Mystic armor: Creates magical armor when activated. Defends from attacks. 

Penetrating strike: Allows unarmed attacks to pierce and punch through armor. Allows for armor piercing unarmed strikes. 

Positive Qualities: 

Biocompatibility (Bioware) 
Exceptional Attribute STR 
Low Light vision 
Mentor Spirit (Shark) 
Prototype Transhuman 
The Warriors Way (Adept Way) 
Though as Nails Physical and Stun 

Negative Qualities: 
Wanted (Shiawase) 
Day Job (Part Time Sensei) 
Impassive (Emotionally numb) 
Poor Self Control (Sadistic and Combat Monster) 
Striking Skin Pigmentation 


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