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02/24/2024 03:17 PM 

Jace Whitmire
Category: Character Info

Name: Jace Whitmire 
Nicknames: Ja-Ja, Jacey, Ce-Ce, any you give him.
Age: 17, can be aged up. 
Race: Human - Caucasian 
Gender: Male - Femboy
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 113 lbs.
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Dark brown, short with a section of his bangs dyed dark pink. 
Voice: Mellow, relaxed, playful.
S/O: Gay, sub.
Relationship Status: Single, never had a relationship. 
Occupation: High Schooler, Junior year, aged up though, he's a visual artist for movies and games.
Scars: None. 
Piercings: None.
Tattoos: Yes, one in the middle of his back.
Weapon of Choice: He has self defense items always on him but that's about it.
Outfit/Clothes: Usually baggy clothing when at school, but loves wearing skirts and dresses at home or when going out.
Figure: Slim, curvy hips. 
Turn Ons: He's into some pretty kinky sh*t, but the biggest way to get him going is grabbing his neck. 
Likes: Loves plaid skirts, smoothies, dark and pastel color combos, drawing/sketching, dark music and old rock.
Dislikes: His control freak of a mother, wasps (got stung when he was a kid), being told he can't wear skirts because he's a boy, too much social interaction. 

Notes: He enjoys dancing around in his room or drawing (mainly a digital artist) to music. Jace loves to cuddle and sit in the lap of his partner, even just take a nap while they're busy with whatever. He wants to become an artist for games or movies and does enjoy the occasional video game. He has thick eyelashes he accentuates with eyeliner. 

Personality: Jace is a very mild mannered and easy going boy. He's not above lending a fellow student a hand with homework during study hall or helping out with projects. He often has a very calm and nearly seductive expression by default and never realizes it (like in his photo). When comfortable with someone he is curious and warm and loves to sketch them, often showing the person the finished work. Jace does of rebellious tendencies due to his mother trying to control his lifestyle. He is not opposed to using underhanded means of getting his way though and has a bad habit of cussing.

Bio: Jace grew up in a normal family, no big dark secrets or traumatizing past. He has 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister he adores. His parents are married and supposedly happy. However he discovered his mother in bed with another man when he skipped class one day when he was 14. He never said a word since his dad was none the wiser to the situation and was a kind and thoughtful, loving father. It wasn't until he started wearing skirts and his mother tried to control his appearance that he threatened to tell their father. It proved effective since his mother had nowhere to go if they divorced. His relationship with her has since been strained and polite at best. 

Pets: A long haired calico cat, Missy. 

House/Residence: A nice family sized house in the suburbs. His room

Theme Songs:
Aviators - Fading Light (Dark Souls Song | Symphonic Rock) 


Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (Lyrics) 


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