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02/24/2024 03:27 PM 

Feline Prince - Li Jie
Category: Character Info

¤ This OC is ideal for feudal China or Japan, potentially fantasy, roleplays. ¤
Name: Li Jie
Name Meaning: ‘reason’ or ‘beautiful’
Nicknames: None
Age: 17
Race: Neko
Gender: Male - Femboy
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Light Tealish-Cyan
Hair: Short, light tealish-cyan.
Voice: Soft, light, airy. 
S/O: Gay, sub.
Relationship Status: Single 
Occupation: Son of a Nobleman 
Scars: None.
Piercings: Yes, one on his left ear, see image.
Tattoos: Yes, sprawls from the right side of his back and curves around to his front.
Weapon of Choice: A bladed fan, though it's more for looks.
Outfit/Clothes: The necklace in image and clothing like this kimono
Figure: Slim, very lightly muscled but mostly lithe frame.
Turn Ons: Scratching behind his ears, his lower back is sensitive...he loves being used as a cockwarmer...
Likes: Nature walks, gardening, using his cute charm to manipulate others, cuddling, pampering, being in his partner's lap.
Dislikes: Anyone who tries to call him out on his manipulative nature, people touching his partner, being away from his partner for too long, almonds.

Notes: His mountain lion acts like a guard dog for him, he raised Chang from a cub and is very rarely ever without him. His stallion was a gift for his 15th birthday and he has pampered him to the fullest capacity. Li Jie is definitely a good match for more evil characters, he does not care what his partner does so long as he has their love and affection, hell he'd support their villainous ways gleefully.

Personality: Li Jie appears as a rather shy and gentle, effeminate male. While that in a sense is true, he is not without selfish desires and ideals. He knows full well how attractive and alluring he is to other males and uses this purposely to manipulate others to get his way. He is heartless and ruthless in putting himself first, he cares only for himself, his partner and his pets. He would even forsake his family in favor of power or position, all the while feigning innocence and fooling everyone involved. He can be sweet and caring but only to his partner, the more his love interest flirts or shows serious interest, the more entangled they will become with each other. 

Bio: Li Jie had been a manipulative and clever person from even a young age, picking up quickly on any action or words that got him what he wanted. Over time he learned to master this skill and uses it as he sees fit. Anyone who has called him out on his unsightly behavior subsequently went missing. In reality he fed them to his cougar and gave whatever was left to the pigs. His mother and father are none the wiser to his real intentions, believing him to be a sweet and innocent boy. He is currently in the market for a lover, though he wouldn't complain about a harem if given the chance. 

Pets: A golden stallion, Wang Lei
His tack.
A mountain lion, Chang

House/Residence: His family's estate located just outside the palace city. 

Theme Songs:
The Struts - Could Have Been Me  

The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid 

Imagine Dragons - Natural


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